Friday, December 7, 2007


  • I was just telling Mitt Romney that freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. People just don't listen anymore.
  • The BIG! SCREAMING!! TEASY!!! HEADLINE!1!! read: Presidential Hopefuls Hate Veggies? Last I looked, Dennis Kucinich is a "Presidential Hopeful." And a vegan. (Oh, and Comcast: It's "bon apetit" not "bon apetite." I mean, as a wacky headline goes...)
  • I am so looking forward to the January 7 Coronation of Dumpy Kakistocrat for Life Robert MayorbecauseIthinkmynamerhymeswithmayor. It's back to the good old days for the Elders of SouthCoast, with a big (cassette tape-recorded) trumpety fanfare and lighting cigars with burning phony tens and jokes about how much the Irish are drinking and a "backroom" where "deals" are misinterpreted (and then forgotten) in a Licor Beirão haze and don't listen to the wives and NO GAY WAITERS.
  • And can somebody tell me what the hell "a black tie-style [sic] ball" is. Don't these jackhole rubes have any clue AT ALL?
  • Although it is offensive ("sin of pride" or "church/state thing") that his Coronation includes an Inaugural Mass at a big Portuguese Catholic Church, Bob need not worry. All he has to do is visit Lourdes within a year, and Pope Benny will grant an indulgence to shave off that purgatory time.
  • So say you're a certain creepy American no-brow who thinks all Scottish people look like this: from artie.comand you want to do something "original," so you decide to build a golf course in Scotland. I wish MacTavish there had Trump's head on his tee. (thanks to for the proud kilt-wearing linksman)
  • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, says that teachers who don't allow the use of Wikipedia are "bad educators." (Of course, Captain Wallbank has never made such a claim.) Now, if we can keep Wales from his continuous ridiculous assertions: that Wikipedia is the "Information Red Cross" and wants "to do good." If I want peer-driven history, I'll go to mySpace. At least there they don't pretend to be authorities.
  • They pretend to be "authori-tah." Which u had bettah respk, dawg.

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