Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Window Installer Offers His Own Exegesis of
the Controversy Over The Huckabee
"Christmas Cross" Ad

"Obviously, it's a set piece meant to represent a window. Like a stage set. It's obviously not custom-made wood. The "glass"? Plastic sheeting. And what's up with outside, the two green lights and the one red one? That's one intersection I wouldn't want to navigate. But really, what's the controversy here? Whether it's a classic four-over-four double hung or, as I believe, a six-panel casement window, like a bay, because it isn't just single-grilled. As the camera pans left, another vertical muntin is clearly visible through the branches of the Christmas tree over the candidate's right shoulder. There is really no indication that it's double-hung. "Yeah, I would say it's a bay. A bay. But with short dimension."


karie said...

A bay? Really, don't you think it could be one of those new replacement windows a with thermal double pain? You are "correctomundo" on the intersection outside. Now THAT is symbolic!!

bitterandrew said...

Things were better when it was just greased paper on a frame. All else is just a sign of decadence.

ThirdMate said...

Sure, but I could never get away with charging 27 bucks an hour.