Thursday, January 3, 2008

...aaannnnd we're back, just in time for
25 Hours of "Dick"

It's January 3, the anniversary of the 1841 heave-off of the Acushnet, the Fairhaven ship that went a-whaling from New Bedford to the Pacific with Herman Melville on board. Here in the ol' Whaling City, that means it's time for the New Bedford Whaling Museum's Moby-Dick Marathon, the all-volunteer mumblefest through the pages of the book everybody says they've read. But here, people actually do. Well, some people do. Special people. Cousin Lorraine has an article that mentions past Marathons, but reminiscing is sometimes not a good thing. Particularly if there is photographic evidence that the one year when you got to read the final climactic chapter you looked like this: GRAND CONTESTED ELECTION FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES Whaling voyage by one Ishmael BLOODY BATTLE IN AFFGHANISTAN.

Yep. Two more weeks and that chinstrap would've looked nearly beard-like.

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karie said...

I am lovin' the twisty-windup of the ponytail, though.