Monday, January 14, 2008

Gallery Owner Battles for Art in Baghdad

By HAMZA HENDAWI – 18 hours ago
— By all rights, the Hewar art gallery should be a casualty of war. Months go by without a single painting or sculpture being sold. The gallery's cafe — once a noisy meeting ground for Baghdad's intelligentsia — now sees just a few hardy regulars.
The owner's balance sheet shows losses of up to $400 a month — a sum considered a good monthly wage.
On the plus side: three sheep that were a gift from a friend in his native Anbar province to the west. They grazed on weeds and hedges outside the gallery in north Baghdad's Waziriyah neighborhood.
But something keeps Qassim Sabti from locking the doors for good.
Except for the sheep, it's a lot like running a gallery here in the SouthCoast

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