Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Housefire At The Corner of Paranoid and Stoopid

This past weekend, a truly beautiful old manse on Washington Square in New Bedford burned and is, as I write this, being torn down. The house was slated to be restored by WHALE (the Waterfront Historic Area LaguE). But now it's being torn down.

So, of course, the irresponsible speculations blazed right along as New Bedford's Dysfunctional and Dysempowered Elite tossed their self-affirming misinterpretations into the frigid air.
Although the house had been buttoned up hard by the City, an idiot (who delusionally claims that his jerk-off screedfest of an underimagined bipolar slander'n'sophomoricjokesite is in some way a news thing) claims homeless people have been living there. He's not blaming the homeless people for the fire. He's blaming the City. Because he's part of The Media, whose job it is to take down The City. Because The City is a big evil scary monstery tentacly thing that takes your tax money and gives it to welfare mothers who are driving around in Caddies and popping out babies three and four at a time and selling them for food stamps they can use to buy homes in Dartmouth with and then give the money back to the Mayor at a big fund-raiser so the Mayor can give them money to have abortions. See? SEE?
Another possible explanation is that the fire may have been set by Those Damn Preservationists. The S-T gives readers the opportunity to comment on the story, ostensibly as a public service. Like the S-T's stubborn and inaccurate insistence that allowing douchebags use of their SCR forum for bitter narcissism, xenophobia, racism, and many other forms of sociopathic wrong-headedness, is a community service.
"NewBedfordKid" uses the opportunity to offer a carefully-constructed conspiracy theory here.
Maybe someone associated with WHALE did not want to see
monies spent on fixing this old house in New Bedford.
You see, WHALE is a non-profit. To NewBedfordKid and others like it, a non-profit is a group that reaches into your pocket and takes money off your kids table and gives it to people who want to do something that you don't think is worth that money because you don't like people taking your money, especially them rich people from out of town. It's not that you're against preservation per se, it's that you don't like the kind of preservation that restores old historic houses that aren't yours and you'll be damned if anyone is going to do something you can't afford to do because they've taken your tax money to do it. So tear down all them old factories and Victoria houses and whaling boats and build some more Dunkin Donuts/Subway cinderblock boxes because we need the jobs and taxes they don't spend because they get them TIFs to build them. But at least they ain't them stupid old factories and Victoria houses and whaling boats And all them non-profits are all run by them commies anyways.
The radio shows in town are going off about how them illegals set the fire and Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and all them other crooked bastards will be handing out big checks of my tax money to them illegals who are homeless now and we have to take care of them because they came here and now we can't feed our own kids or teach them anything because them teachers are making too much money and you can't even bring your own kids to hospitals because them illegals used up all the alcohol swabs and giving everybody VD or TB or whatever look my point is that you can't use my tax money to feed and educate every little brown person who cuts fish or does landscaping or cleans or builds houses because what do I got? I got stuck with the bill, and they're eating for free!!!

I hate The Beach.
(Just so you know, Anonymous at 11:36 : The parts in italics are nearly accurate recreations of the kind of nonsense I hear every time I turn on the radio, read comments, or listen to people at the market, post office, Registry, doctor's office, etc... That's why I hate The Beach.)

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ThirdMate said...

Yes, I deleted the disturbing post by Anonymous 11:36.
My gut feeling is that it didn't open a dialogue about the misapprehensions of reality fostered by a dimly-lit media.
Sorry to those who seek veracity in comments.
Although it's encouraging to know somebody's out there and willing to comment, let's not use the term "fuck" (or any of its conjugatory forms) more than three times in a sentence.