Friday, January 18, 2008


  • Here and there, you read things like how offended some people get about some advertising. Having worked in advertising, I can tell you that most of my peers weren't smart enough to create the subtle compositions most people point out as "subliminal advertising." (You know, like "the outline of the naked lady in the ice cubes ad" we always hear about). This, on the other hand, is about just as clever and sneaky as my peers ever got:I dunno, I think whoever tossed her wins
  • Okay, I admit I haven't been listening very hard, but I haven't heard much on teevee or radio about Rep. Wexler's impeachment hearings on Dick Cheney. Wexler went to Congress the other day with 189,000 signatures requesting hearings, but I didn't see any coverage of that. Kucinich's request for same has been on Conyer's judiciary committee desk since whenever that wasn't covered. Executive privilege is still the law while habeas corpus is gone, justice is obstructed, evidence is lost, torture is the American way, and lies are threatening Iran. But no coverage.
  • I got myself one of the cheap iPod boomboxes for my birthday. (Big selling points: small, loud, and recharges iPod.) So I moved the hi-fi components out of the dining room and figured the little AM-FM radio, CD/iPod player did that area nicely. An added bonus: I couldn't pick up any AM radio.
  • Unfortunately, when I removed the iPod, the immigrant bashers and gubmint apologists came out over the thing just as loud as ever.
  • I could have just replaced the MP3 player and gone back to my enjoyment of Stiff Little Sharon Jones and the Velvet Abyssinians, but the Portuguese announcer was so eager to invite me "to listen to a daily radio that consisses"of something on the other station in the same cowfield shack. I just had to see if the high concept parody would continue.
  • But the locally-owned (a very good thing) station is, after twenty years, apparently still going through its "We're just starting out and we're not experts and stop always harping about quality and standards" phase. The conservative morning guy (and he's gotta be a clever put-on) was wasting air going on about an affair ten years ago that had no effect on our Constitution but gave everyone the opportunity to say "oral sex." In that nervous, giggly, sixth-grade-gym-class-towel-thwacking tone that has become so essential to serious national news programming.
  • So: OFF.
  • I heard from a guy who heard from a guy that Aces Full of Links is unavailable due to "server issues." Knowing the acumen of the guy in charge over there, this message will probably be moot in a few seconds, and I'll have wasted this space. Good luck, James.
  • But since I could, I listened to the liberal afternoon gal (new mom, congratulations). And they're still talking about it. The oral sex, not the Cheney Impeachment.
  • It might seem that, after gushing about Dedee Shattuck's swell picture book, I was uncharacteristically generous to the Swamp Yankees and Swamp Guineas around me. Yep, I was, but sometimes you gotta give the hayseeds their due. Or they cut you in line for lottery tickets and SlimJims.
  • "Pelletard." There, I said it. The guy refuses to participate in debates. AND PEOPLE LIKE THAT. That's right, business formal means two kinds of grey. I can't wait for the mouthbreather to take Fawrivvah Pride to Beacon Hill and show them what the SouthCoast is really made of.
  • I grew up next door to the Chaces who own Chace Leather. It saddens me greatly that their business is suffering. I never would have known about lacrosse or friendly neighbors or the history of the area if it weren't for them, and they're the people I grew up believing were the truly representative real people of this region. So when the second-generationers shoot the hairy eyeball to the old names and old money around here in their old homes, I think of Grandpa Chace and how he welcomed the kid with the Irish name to share his family's past, of which he was immensely proud. Fair winds.


Karie said...

Thank goodness you made me laugh before I got to the last two entries! How disturbing (and revealing) is it that the FR newspaper focus weighs heavily on the importance of a loan repayment rather than the impending loss of a four generations-old business in its town?! (I wish you had put the target ad THAT is funny.)

Anonymous said...

see just how much David Letteman influences you swampers ?? ( both yank-and guineye )

velcro keeps the ad council together cause of the cool sound it makes when you peel her off

Pelletard is a Slinky...

not good for much but fun to watch when you push him down the stairs...

Im not pointing anything out but say FROED like a southie it sounds like...

fraud ???

Large said...

I was anonymous