Friday, January 25, 2008


  • All the pols have decided Bribery Is Best, gone to the Big Imaginary Bank and secured just enough Future Debt to hand out to me and thou and help perk up our "sluggish" economy.
  • Yesterday, while I was spending the afternoon humoring the Massachusetts VehicleRegistry-Insurance-DinkyServiceStation Complex, driving to-and-fro to register a vehicle I should have registered two years ago, I got to thinking about my friends Margo and Jimi. I'd been thinking about their new baby, family, house, ever since The Bribe was announced: We're getting $300, $500, $1600 (or whatever) from their daughter. And her classmates. So thanks, Jade.
  • Whenever you see a baby, thank that kid. He'll be paying for our economic stimulus.
  • Just so you know: I'm buying a steel mill with mine.
  • D'you know what would be really funny? If the New England Patriots never lost another game and they became so boring (because there's no drama or conflict or interest in a perfect record) that the same people who are orchestrating the PrezRace2008!!!1!™ coverage decide to never televise another Pats game because all the other teams would be so demoralized (and officially known as LOSERS) and they would all disband, give their money to charity and there would be Monday Night Eighties Boston Rock Nights and more hockey.
  • Because New England says.
  • Shipmate Shipwright Leon Poindexter is headliner in the 18th season of New Bedford Whaling Museum's sailboat-obsessed lecture series, aptly named "Sailors' Series." They started the first leg last Tuesday with Luigi Reggio, another one of those "faster is better" guys who wrecks a good day sailing by having to round the mark before everybody else.
  • Since we here in the SouthCoast have been given the go-ahead, from the Department of Environmental Destruction, for coal gasification (which is just another excuse to tear the tops off mountains), I thought I'd direct shipmates and readers to the folks at Environmental.Laws.Com .
  • Speaking of wrecking sailing: If I had a 97-foot multihull and the opportunity to sail around the world, you would never see me for ten or fifteen years. The watery world is too beautiful and rich to rush through . Which is why I really can't share in the enthusiasm and praise for Francis Joyon's 57 day, 13 hours 34 minutes and six seconds circumnavigation.
  • Two Dartmouth Indians have taken out papers to run for Select Board. One is already town agent (running for re-election) and had to be told by the town clerk that he couldn't run for two jobs. The other writes smug and cryptic Letters to The Editor.
  • Out next week: Childhood hero Joe Jackson's new album, Rain.


B.O.B. said...

Just so you know Joe's going to be in the area in April at the Sommerville Theater. Sign up at his web site for advance ticket sale info (I haven't received anything yet).

B.O.B. said...

Oh, and i just saw you have a TMBG link on your blogroll. They also will be at the Sommerville theater (in March) tix on sale now (bought mine last week and we're in the balconey so you might want to order soon if you're interested.

ThirdMate said...

Thanks for climbing aboard, b.o.b.

The first time I saw Joe Jackson, I was in high school and went to a RI College opening weekend or something. He came out, read the side of the beer in his hand, "Nah-rah-gahn-SETT," and poured it out on the stage.

Thirty people booed and left, missing a great, uncompromising, rawking outdoor performance I've never seen him duplicate. (I've seen him five or six times, including at some dive in CT during the Jumpin' Jive tour.)

I was at an interview with him about 10 years later, mentioned the incident and he didn't remember it but he said something like, "I was probably relieved when they left."

Dr. Momentum said...

Thanks for those letter-to-the-editor links. I'm still scrutinizing maps to find out where the Dartmouth-Somerset border is.

Yeah, it's tough for me to get past something like that.

ThirdMate said...

Somerset, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven all meet somewhere near the new exit on Route 24, north of FR.

Nice catch.