Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Be Part of History!!1!"

Look, Barry.

You don't mind if I call you "Barry"? Since you're e-mailing me three or four times a day for my money and vote, I figure I could call you "Myrtle," but I'm trying to not be rude, and Jon Stewart's namegame joke Oscar night stank to high Heaven, so rather than be rude or Jon Stewart, I'd like to know you as "Barry".
Incidentally, some of my best friends are named "Barry."
See what I did there?
It's about this "Be Part of History" thing you seem to be allowing your people to spread all over the begging letters and e-begs I get from your very enthusiastic campaign. I neither envy nor dislike their enthusiasm. At least they're not working for you-know-who. And, really, I'm a supporter.
But as someone who (a) has re-enacted more history than most people have read about, (b) counts a funeral director in his immediate family, and (c) has a pretty Sacvan "Americanist" Bercovitch sense of every New Englander's importance to "history," I take issue with the implication that, were I not to take part in this election process -- by dissociating myself from your particular campaign -- I would not be "part of history."
I thought I was part of history when I went to LiveAid. Or watched it on teevee or something. And all those Olympics -- even the figure skating, that massive waste of hockey rink -- and the moon landing, and motoring around Newport harbor in a lobster boat on the Bicentennial, and driving around New York harbor on the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty, and the longest PawSox game ever, and sailing around New York harbor all those other times, and that guy with that thing he invented, and abiding Charlie "Mr M" Moran every election, and Cap getting shot, and that first woman what'sherface.
I have my memories.
They're hard to shake out, at times, but I know one thing: I, like everyone else, is part of history. Am. I am part of history. Like everyone else. Is. Part of history.
And maybe that's where today's civics lessons fall short.
(Besides the "not being there" part.)
Maybe if we all thought in terms like, "How will this influence future generations and their world?"
But maybe, Barry, I'm being too hard on you. And I know it's been hard lately, what with the turban photo and all, but maybe you're telling us all something.
Maybe your pushy little audacious campaign is really a wake-up call.
Besides the Hope thing.
Besides the Change thing.
Maybe it's about being conscious of being part of history.

And that I can do.

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karie said...

I would prefer to believe that we are moving towards a consciousness which includes civics lessons in schools and civil actions in, and on, our streets. I see your point, but until we get there, I stand behind the ‘let's be a part of history’ concept.

I know that I AM part of history when I see the “news” reports gloss over our nation’s involvement in global and local atrocities, and/or when we self-aggrandize our involvement in useless efforts.

That is a history to be despised.

I would like to be a part of a “history” (and there are as many "histories" as there are, and have been, people) which systematically rejects the behavior we have engaged in for a-fat-too-long: us being a bunch of "superstitious, xenophobic morons!"

Personally. I think this is the person. Who might. Slim-slim-chance-of-any-hope-for-humanity.

Get us there.