Friday, February 1, 2008


"A meat market for sex offenders"
-- radio hostess describing the New Bedford Public Library.
  • There was a foul and heinous crime committed there by a foul and heinous person. The radio hostess was doing what she's supposed to do: Irresponsibly generate hysteria. The radio station generally provides a cheery simple-minded celebration of parochialism with brief but meaningless forays into bitchy partisan political name-calling and foot-stomping. But, yesterday afternoon, serving up the "Public's Need To Know" canard with a side of "I'm Here To Protect You," the hostess crossed the line into sensationalistic irresponsibility while capitalizing on the sordid nature of the crime. I didn't need to hear the salacious private details of the crime repeated obsessively while unrelated obscene rumors and prurient gossip were voiced by callers, not challenged or even questioned.
  • I've heard very young children call that station, which leads me to believe young children may be listening. I'm sure their parents aren't as irresponsible. "Where are our children safe?" she asked. Certainly not listening to the radio.
  • I was going to say something about strawboogeymen and the culture of fear perpetuated by media's frightened old terrorist ladies, but you know what I say: Remain Unafraid.
  • With apologies to Rousseau, Fear is not the Natural State of Man. Stop embarrasing me.
  • The City of New Bedford and D-UMass (Dartmouth's University of Massachusetts) have set up a bus service to bring students Downtown for shopping, entertainment, and cultural events. There. Now how hard was that?
  • A pal of mine once ran for Town Council merely in order to garner publicity for his law practice. He said he'd heard somewhere that the best thing a lawyer could do was run for political office -- and lose. It's a lose-win, since the publicity would put your name (but not your loss) into the minds of the voters, who would remember you when they need you. I'm sure 9iu11ani, inc should be doing pretty well. (Don't tell anyone I have good friends who are lawyers.)
  • So now, lessee... The important MainstremeTeeVeeTopics in the 2008 PreznitRace so far are: (1) Is America Ready4WeepyGirlyPrez?, (2) UFOs, (3)MoslimIslomMuslem, (4) Haircuts, (5) HugNotHug, (6) WossaMormon, (7)The Demise & Return of BucWheats Cereal (8) RonaldReagan/MartinLutherKingJr, (9) , and (10) CommiesCommiesCommies.
  • Avoiding Bill Murray mentions.
  • Gotcher Krewe all caught fer Fat Tuesday? And yes, Googlers™, here's the Wallbank's Compendium answer to your "pope fish Friday" queries. (Not intended to be used as reference material for school projects, masters theses, magazine and newspaper articles, partisan hack radio talk shows, commencement addresses, valedictory speeches, catechism classes, or, especially, as an authorized authority for bets involving someone buying someone a drink. )
  • So, The Cultivator Bones (I'm sure that was a Barbara Kingsolver book) have been sort of identified. I still think cows have more to add to the story...

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