Friday, February 8, 2008


  • Now that the only people who talked about the environment have left the presidential race, I wondered where Obamary Clinbama stood on eco-issues. I'm sure we'll go back and forth all Summer on this, but here's a fun piece put together by kirk Murphy at firedoglake. If any Anthropocenic life gives a crap about the Antropocene Epoch.
  • Big Moromonon Narcissaur Mitt Romney was prattling on about something (obviously trying to get everyone's mind off the fact that he's a loser and quitter) and he said that "dependency is a poison." If "depending" is poisonous, then I would imagine that "providing" is also poisonous, since one cannot depend if nobody provides. So conservatives dislike The Providing as much as The Depending, or probably moreso because The Providing costs more than The Depending, except in the pride and dignity department. So, if Mitt wants everybody to stop depending, he must be encouraging someone to stop giving. So don't give any money to to conservatives. They don't want it because it will make them dependent. Which is bad. They say.
  • I'm so glad conservatism is eating itself.
  • I think I understand the rationale behind the 'Yes we DO waterboard" announcements that keep coming from that place. It's tough talk. We'll go right on torturing, no matter how unreasonable, inhumane, and worthless torture is. The problem is, we haven't taught the rest of the world to appreciate out thirst-for-vengeance-village-for-an-eye-bring-a-warhead-to-a-knife-fight way..
  • It worked for Torquemada. See: There are no longer heretics or Jews or pagans.
  • "The streets are crazy," said the victim (possibly perpetrator) of a gang-related crime. Sure, if all you see is The Crazy. Perhaps a broader scope...
  • I heard a lady from Fall River complaining on Super Tuesday that she didn't get a ride to the polls. When asked how she got to the polls for the mayoral election, she said that the guy who was elected mayor was giving out rides, but he wasn't giving out rides for the primary. Then she said she had no reason to vote for any of the candidates this primary because nobody offered to give her a ride. What? So, a candidate's altruism extends only as far as the ballots have his name on them. Should tell you something.
  • Not for nothin', but remember when I was all "hey, like, what's up with the SiteMeter saying that everybody's Googling™ looking for 'Mesopotamia' on my blog ONLINE JOURNAL, back in 1386 and then I referred to that in October '07 ? It was Norouz. Well, dude, how dumb was I? Big They Might Be Giants fan didn't put II and Two together to make ...

    Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year.

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karie said...

Maybe Gilgamesh could bring that Econoline-Van over to pick up the complaining lady from FR so she can VOTE NEXT TIME! (Someone, please tell her that if you don't vote, you reneg your right to complain.)