Friday, February 15, 2008


no animals or union Hallmark workers were harmed in the making of this 'card'

  • What? You didn't get one?
  • My former senator, Rhode Island "Republican" Linc Chafee's new book, Against the Tide: How a Compliant Congress Empowered a Reckless President, has the unfortunate publishment date of April 1. When volunteering at Save The Bay, I met and "worked" with him and his dad (Sen. John), and damn! I could have registered as a Republican. Of course this was back in the day when some Republicans actually were treehuggers, and didn't berate environmentalists by calling them "treehuggers." Lincoln Chafee endorses Barack Obama.
  • (I just wanted to type that. "Lincoln endorses Obama.")
  • Sure, the dweebs in the SouthCoast get all jittery about peepees and boobies, but kids in Rhode Island have another take. Go on, you know you want to click.
  • So, if the telecoms can peer into my inbox and internet history (heheheh), maybe I can peer right back... Hmmm... Looks like more Deathstar operatives gave to Democrats and most of those who donated to Republicans unfortunately tossed their money away on Rudy 9iu11iani. Looking forward to this Fall, let's see who's already dropped a bundle on his or her favorite candidate... The HuffingtonPost's Fundrace2008 is a really ugly outlet for your ugly political voyeurism. It's all public information, sure, but there's something yicky about knowing who your neighbors are giving money to. See who's the "faithful Democrat" in Fall River or New Bedford. Or your neighborhood. Ewww
  • Schoolkids in England, under what's being called The Childrens' Plan, will have the opportunity to experience "top quality" cultural activities five hours per week. We could do that in America, but none of that ballet or opera or symphony stuff. We have our high-quality Original New Bedford Hip Hop Club Team.
  • I know there must be another site somewhere with information about this, but can someone please advise me, as a former mate: WTF is Bounty doing toodling around the Caribbean off the coast of Cuba? I thought they were supposed to be circumnavigating or going to Tahiti or Dubai or Not Cuba...
  • Maybe they're just laying low while this whole "We're not the computer-generated Black Pearl even when we said we were just to get your £5" thing blows over. Or the fact that they actually hired "actors" dressed as Bligh and Christian to give tours. AND they've got one of those kids' party Jack Sparrows! (There's some lovely improv in that.) As you can see by the "My Photo" above, they used to let the crew dress up and play.
  • So I've got an inspiration from the Gallery X "controversy." I'm going on the offensive, and I'll be flooding talk radio stations and online forums and newspaper comments sections with scandal in order to get NBAM some publicity. I know just how to get the immoderate tongues a-wagging:
  • Just call WBSM and drop one of these beauties. And make sure you say NBAM a lot!

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