Friday, February 22, 2008


  • I had a whole bunch of great stuff written here but Blogger disappeared it. Believe me when I say it was brilliant.
  • "Men Who Cook" -- invented back in the 1980's when it was funny to make fun of men because they were only supposed to drink -- has been called off due to state and federal laws about food cooked in unprofessional kitchens. An extremely popular event which annually raises $20K for the NB Women's Center, is suddenly coming up against the Twenty-First Century's Bold Plan: Doing nice things legally. You don't have to suspend health department rules just to make money for a good cause, and you don't have to call someone a spoilsport when they suggest doing it legally. How about some of these self-important chefs donate their kitchens?
  • I've always really always loved my country.
  • I wish terms like "got in bed with" and "had an affair with" weren't interchangeable. I understand when a senator is in bed with a lobbyist. It's worse than him having an affair with a lobbyist. Because he's been unfaithful to us and his wife.Jaime's the one who can smile even if you're not Chairman of the Telecom Commission Even if the lobbyist looks like Jaime Pressly after spinning around a dozen times.
  • "Just as one swallow doesn't make a summer, so one month of falling audiences doesn't spell the decline of Facebook or social networking," Mr Burmaster said. Burmaster is European internet analyst for Nielsen, who has discovered that some people left Facebook, the social-networking site that I recently joined and left. It's funny because I got the feeling, after reading that quote, that Ol' Burmy was actually working for Facebook. Quotes like the above make me feel the same way Facebook made me feel: Like I had walked into the wrong meeting of the High-falutin' Quote Club.
  • Over at MySpace of course, everybody can can understand the significance of lines that include "swallow" and "Summer."
  • An e-mail: "blahblahblah Your living room could be the place where Barack Obama clinches the Democratic nomination for president blahblahblah 125,000 progressive MoveOn members in Texas blahblahblah don't know blahblahblah unusual primary-plus-caucus system in Texas,blahblahblah March 2, blahblahblahblah living rooms across the nation as folks come armed with cell phones waitaminnit. You want me to hold a party where people will use their cell phones to call voters in Texas to get them to vote for Barack Obama? Sure, but everyone will have to stand out at the end of the driveway to get two bars of signal. One of the reasons why I actually do like it here on The Beach.
  • One of the reasons I don't like it here is the insistence that the Town of Dartmouth should provide every service without asking for money from the people who live there. The usual argument is "The Town don't know what it's doing and it's sneaky about doing it, wasting money paying all them teachers and town employees and we still have to pay for trash pickup. So NO Override. Ever. Let them figure out a way to face the mess they made by them not forcing us to pay taxes right. Then when we're completely bankrupt, we can stand around and say 'I tol' ya so.'"
  • If people in New Bedford are put out by erotic art, how do you think the citizens of Bankside who twisted their ankles on Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth at Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in London. It is literally and simply a huge crack in the floor.
  • And a special lunch-time log-roll to two fellow travelers who climb aboard H.M.S. Impossible: James at Dr. Momentum's Aces Full of Links and bitterandrew at Armagideon Time. They've gone and shown everybody our dot on the chart. Thanks!
  • So crew, "Look Busy!"
  • And, as Luck would have it, alongside Thor and Ernest Hemingway -- albeit unintentionally.


ThirdMate said...

article from the Times, last Novemeber
That's the article about injuries at the Tate.

karie said...

I did NOT post a comment about the last entry, 'cause it seemed to me that a large enough percentage of the internet had been dedicated to THAT PHOTO over the last few days.

But, the creative and perceptive inclusion of Jamie Pressly ("Joy," the scary-trailer-trash-ex-wife-dear-friend of Jason Lee's "Earl", on "My Name is Earl") as the evil-spin-twin of "That Lobbyist McCain's Been Doing" compells me to pen something.
Thank you.

And, falling into the exhibit at the Tate Modern in London...

MUST have been Americans.