Friday, February 29, 2008


Today's that day where, every four years, February gets an extra day. Leap Day or Sadie Hawkins Day or Intercalary Day. Which throws everything out of whack while attempting to correct for the Gregorian calendar's insistence that seconds don't matter. Until they do.

  • We in Dartmouth always get a line like "One out of every four jobs will be cut" or "You'll have to pay for trash pickup" when a Proposition 2½ Override Vote looms. This article has the smartest pro-Override slogan I've read yet: "Services will be cut." Which is the only thing that will make half of these selfish stingy hayseeds take notice.
  • The other half will still think they shouldn't support community schools, libraries, firefighters, children, employees... Because they don't have to.
  • And they'll complain that the House politicians (who supported a provision that would exempt many senior citizens from having to pay if a 2½ Override passes) are just pandering to a special interest. Yeah: The special interest group that they were hoping would go to the polls and vote against the 2½ Override.
  • I had a thing (or moderately atypical mole) removed off my gut. Well, the skin in the spot on the lower part of the side of my ribcage, which ensures that every single motion made tugs just a little bit at the sutures. Beautiful sutures by the way. I've got the best artisans carving me up. The scar will be very discreet.
  • See? I told you that you would get in trouble sailing around shirtless.
  • Oh. That was with girls. The mole thing is fine.
  • To forever shake off the Annual Month of Green Beer and Embarrassing Ethnic Stereotypes Festival, you could go see some the real Clancy Legacy Show, 8 pm Sunday at the Kinsale Inn, Mattapawpaw. Aoife, Robbie, and Donal will be avoiding all the "Kiss My Shamrocks I'm A Douchbag" dreck, so support.
  • Jess Cain died last week.
  • Stop by NBAM from 6 to 8 today, and get a look and a free membership and enjoy hanging around with everybody else who never goes to NBAM. It's a special event celebrating this extra day of our calendar.
  • Then go up to AccuBilliards New Bedford and Save The Simmons Brothers. The bestest most eclectist video store in the world parties all night with local performers.
  • Spend Saturday afternoon at NBAM and enjoy a tour of Skude (that's Norway) with Sig Haines.
  • And then there's this:

  • I missed Warren Zevon's birthday. By a month. Sorry.
  • Not only does the local paper want to continue the evolution vs dumbassness debate, it insists upon printing these Letters to the Editor.
  • Am I sick of the media around here?
  • Yup.
  • 23 years ago, I answered the ad and spent four hours talking to "Big" John Garabedian and Arnie "Woo-Woo" Ginsburg as though I were a professional "VJ." NOBODY was a professional Veejay yet, so that was my entrĂ©e. Didn't happen. However, theirs was the only personal and positive rejection letter I ever got from any New England television or radio station I bothered to audition or interview for. So V-66 will always have a special place in my heart, besides that place having been permanently defaced by the following:


Large said...

it is the only day with 75% less history,...

instead of leap day maybe day-lite ??

glad to hear you pet mole is ok and behaving

karie said...

That spin back to 1985 gave me the willes. Don't try to tell me that we are any more "stupid" today than we have ever been.

Jess Cain sounded like someone worth listening to.

Thanks for two links to NBAM. Nice to see such competition for "something to do" on a winter weekend in our big City.

Happy Leap "day-lite."
(Does this mean we get more sleep this year?)

ThirdMate said...

75% less history

This is the best crew EVAH!

bitterandrew said...

A V-66 documentary? Oh my Gawd.

ThirdMate said...

I promise not to provide interviews or anecdotes.