Monday, February 25, 2008

Today's word is "Green"

Green. Like the lichens on the north side of this damned gate

I know it doesn't appear to be Spring at first blush, but the signs are here.

Hearty green shoots are poking up in some gardens. Birds whose songs were missing just a week ago are back with a noisy vengeance. Skunk and raccoon carcasses dot the roadways. (Really: A sure sign of Spring is the corpses of just-hibernating animals who have awakened due to a warm spell and are too groggy to get out of the road before... But it's a damned welcome sight, that skunk. Means Spring's a-comin, dontcha know? Ayah.)

There's a fahmah down the way. Saw him talking at Town Meeting about not giving the Selectbawd another dime until we get rid of all o'them no-lose contracts. The fahmahs heah are gearing up for another NO OVERRIDE season, in order to make sure they don't have to pay taxes ever again. Yes, the Selectbawd is hoping -- again -- that citizens do the right thing and keep the town from going into receivership or martial law or state control or something. And the "citizens" want to punish the Selectbawd for being know-it-alls and doing things that the citizens can't comprehend. Like math or logic. The citizens' main talking point is that they aren't in on the inside, secretive, underhanded, unaccountable things that happen in contract negotiations they aren't at. "NO OVERRIDE UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE GET TO VOTE ON ALL TOWN CONTRACTS!" is a little long for the bumper stickers, but they'll spare no expense to not have to vote YES on taxes.

"Green" in the SouthCoast is a loaded word. In most cities throughout the world, "Green" means recycled paper and resource-conscious politics. In the SouthCoast, "Green" is short for greenhorn, the local pejorative term for immigrants of Azorean or Portuguese origin. While I was growing up here, it meant old ladies in black shawls who didn't speak English, made arcane hand signals, and smelled like kale soup. And their kids, who didn't wear the shawls.

So, anyone from anything called The Green Party is immediately suspect.

Which is why only a coupla people in all of the SouthCoast are supporting Ralph Nader in his narcissistic ego-driven boondoggle for the Presidency. In this Draft Nader list, there's two from New Bedford, none from Fall River. And what would appear to be the entire population of Burlington, Vermont.

And Nader's 73. A year older than John McCain. Who's not green by any measure.

Looking a little more and more like that skunk.


Dr. Momentum said...

I thought farmers were supposed to understand the whole reaping and sowing thing.

ThirdMate said...

Not since Reagan.