Monday, March 31, 2008

The Beauty of The Symphony

Saturday night, My Beloved and I enjoyed the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra's Spring Concert, a surprisingly satisfying -- if short -- evening of Beethoven, Kabalevsky, Dvorak, seeing, and being seen at the Zeitz' house. As is the wont of any wordsmith, I immediately dove into the program to seek out spelling and grammar mistakes.pretty To my delight, I found none. Possibly because of the lighting, but not for lack of trying. MediumStudio and Reynolds DeWalt did their usual swell job, putting together a program worthy of as enthusiastic an ovation as the Symphony received. (Even though SouthCoast audiences tend to provide standing ovations with very little discretion. My neighbors stand and cry "Bravo!" at the drop of a baton.)
The beautiful cover of the program (above) was taken from a watercolor painted by Somersetter Lois Bogle, who receives a lovely curriculum vitae in the program.pretty nice
There's an inspiring piece of gushing promotional prose by the Symphony Board's President, David Prentiss.pretty impressive There's a sincere memoriam to the late past music Director of the NBSO, Josef Cobert, who was also a professor and Chair of the Music Department at our local University.pretty tribute And a page dedicated to conductor, educator, composer, and one of the nicest Musical Directors I've ever met, Doctor David MacKenzie.pretty smart
There are, of course, beautiful full-page ads for the sponsoring patrons and their businesses, tenderly crafted and imagined, with charming photographic representations of the usual "champagne glass on the piano" and "my logo over a violin." But on the page facing Dr. Mackenzie's bio, there lies this:
pretty gross
Vandal! This desperate affront is an insult to the Symphony's audience, an insult to me. I can only imagine some adolescent creep, slobbering and drooling over the proofs about how he's "#%&ing all them rich whine and cheese crowd" Symphony goers. I wish to remind this goon that "my community" is not a foul-mouthed unfunny scumbag. "My Symphony" is assuredly not a vile and pestilent retch of sickening bile. And that is NOT "my magazine." A compost-bin of rehashed libertarian talking points and megalomanic immodesty? The same unprofessional coterie that fools otherwise-intelligent businesspeople into funding the publication of logicless, vulgar, right-wing, and morally regressive screeds?
As long as "magazines" like this continue lowering the literary expectations of the area, they continue to perform a criminally unforgivable disservice to the community, no matter what Symphonies they sponsor or charities they support. This trash has no place in my community, and certainly has no place at my Symphony. The fact that it is provided free of charge only serves to illustrate the adage, "You get what you pay for."


momof3nPT said...

amen, brother. I also take offense to the SoCos editorials and irresponisble reporting. when anyone fights them and calls for a removal, they cry 'censorship'. It's not being censored, people simply want to distance themselves from this trash.

ThirdMate said...

That's just the lazy victim mentality. Cry-babies, with their calls of "censorship" and "political correctness" whenever they can't impel with civility.

When I see a kid pick it up at the store or restaurant, I only see other historic examples of propaganda dissemination. It's free! It's fun! It's fascist!

Thanks for climbing aboard. Let's win some tomorrow.

Large said...

Would invite you to send the turkeys to Tenn. as Turkey season opened March 29 for 35 days or so,.. but I'm not sure if we have enough ammo.....

I can send you my brothers info if you need a "Portugee Connection" to find a house in New Beige ;)

ThirdMate said...

I think we could use the wrecker, unless he's in real estate now.

"Turkeys." That's still a funny image.