Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy AmericIraq Day!

It's never too soon to start marketing a brand.
What do you think?
How should we celebrate the decision to lead a prosperous and safe nation on a deadly and illegal waste of its resources and citizens' lives and patience?
Will there be picnics?
How do you revere the accompanying loss of trust in governance, media, and markets?
Televised parades?
How can we remember this one day as the anniversary of the day that removed all civility from public discourse?
How about a nice card?
How do we exalt our new American national trademark: Institutionalized Fear?
Maybe we should observe quietly at home, behind closed doors.
Silently and somberly memorialize our nation's losses.
Civil rights.
Human rights.


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karie said...

This posting was too scary for me to respond to.