Friday, March 28, 2008


  • From the land of Medb: This is the original link to the story, but I think it's either trashed or taken down or full of people trying to scrape their jaws off their keyboards. The truth is -- and one of the reasons why I'm glad I didn't get all "WOO-HOO! GreenBeer! Lick Me I'm Irish." last week is -- because a national survey in Ireland revealed that at least a quarter of those asked didn't know what the word 'rape' means.
  • And, they're killing witches in India. Well, good. I feel safer. I think. No. Killing bad. Beer good. Witches do good stuff.
  • Some do an empowering lemon bundt.
  • Dancing Dogs at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Tonight. New Bedford.
  • New Bedford Symphony Orchestra welcomes The Romance of Spring. Zeiterion. Tomorrow night. New Bedford.
  • Hey, Shipwreck is returning on April 14 with Season 2.
  • Hey, kids! Let's do another movie version of Frank Herbert's Dune ! C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it. Again.
  • Not for nothing, but let me explain local radio to the people who post at radio bimbo dot com. WSAR was built on an ancient Indian burial ground at the conflux of major negative energy waves, made worse by the strange configuration of towers along ancient astronautical transverse junctions. (Go on, you come up with a reason that doesn't insult everyone there.) WSAR will always have technical "glitches," cheap solutions to complex problems, complex excuses for simple issues, scheduling and network troubles, fill-in talent that is arrogantly unfamiliar with the station and the region, news readers with vocal quirks, and more promos than commercials. It's obvious that no one on air has ever been led, managed, edited, coached, or corrected. Mike "The Hurricane" Herren is not "new" to radio; he's worked for the owners' family since he played high school hoops, and as long as he's bringing ad revenue into the station and keeps the B.M.C. Durfee High School Glow of the Past lighting up the Spindle City's airwaves, he's an important team member and is probably being groomed for management, if he isn't already"Sports Director" or something. Somebody, probably not the PD, set co-host Ed Garcia up to "make the guy 'sound' better"; this is an example of those "simple solutions." Mike will do his "popular" sports talk show and the afternoon drive -- one body, two jobs. That saves money. Mike'll bring his night-time sports show callers -- and sponsors -- into afternoon drive, and since he's just smart enough to have an opinion about everything, he's perfect for locals that listen to radio to have someone else do the thinking for them. By complete accident, he's a local radio success story.
  • That said, I can now honestly say -- nay promise -- that I've said enough and all commentary about local radio here at H.M.S. Impossible is finished.
  • Out.

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