Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pre-discrediting: It's Tradition

You answer "So what?" when someone tells you about polls. You shake your head whenever anyone says "It's in the New York Times" (or "FOX News"). You wave your hand dismissively when you hear a name you can quickly identify with vice/incorrect data.
It's a shortcut to your exit cue. "Polls are meaningless, so that poll means nothing." "The Times is just a lefty rag. You have no argument." "That guy's a boozer/dummy/criminal. Don't listen to him."

Same goes for towns.
Particularly San Francisco, the town that causes more sniggers and eye-rolling than any other because Leno and all the other cheap-laff specialists know a good punchline when they steal one.
You would think that protesters would know better than to try this sort of thing in San Francisco. But try they do. And everyone in the audience will think they can see the guy in the high heels and rainbow wig.
And they'll figure this "Free Tibet" thing is just something them crazies from "Baghdad by the Bay" have dreamed up.
China has already called the Dalai Lama, the Most Peacful Man on Earth "a terrorist," and most viewers could care less about any mistreated monks in some Chinky prison anyway.
They just want to see the Magic Torch and play make-believe "Olympic Truce" while they chant U! S! A!

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