Friday, April 4, 2008


  • A boon to sailors, liveaboards, and locals, the Village Market has closed. Now, you'll have to get a ride to Cumby's to get those aspirins after the regatta.
  • When I was at college, there were these ├╝bermenschen to whom we all looked up with hope-filled envy. We planned to take the same classes with the same professors and hoped that, in three years or so, coeds would regard us dreamily and we would run the theater department/football team/physics club. Well, one of those guys was Bart Sher, who apparently has a great production of South Pacific at Lincoln Center, NYNY.
  • My Beloved (who is a remarkable chef) and I enjoy dining out. So when we hear of a restaurant shutting down, that's another choice gone. Except this Opus place shut down and, since we never chose to eat there because it was awful by all accounts, I don't feel the loss. Oh, and any place with a dropped ceiling and garish lighting is not "upscale." Nor is it "luxury." Where do people get these ideas?
  • Remember when people talked about W as the guy they'd most like to have a beer with? Well, his would-be successor (if Hillary has her way) is officially the guy they would most like to buy a beer from. Confidential to Cindy Lou: Next time, try not to do too many photo-ops for the 8264 stories you manufacture through your company's ad department about how you want to keep a low profile. Seems, I dunno ... disingenuous. Cindy Lou is the one on the right
  • It's a grill. Not a 'cue. You can call it the BBQ or barbecue (as long as you realize that that is an often misused term too). Oh, and Barbie is right out. Unless you're Paul Hogan, and there are other things to apologize for. But that thing is not a 'cue. I'm from theater and radio and television, and I know what a cue is.
  • I got this e-solicitation concerning the NB Whaling Museum. Three paragraphs, the first a date-time-what-who-where and then these two:
    A reception and a dinner are included in the symposium cost. Add-on activities include several stitching workshops and site visits to two regional historical societies whose collections also relate to the Needle/Work theme. Please click Needlework to link to the Needlework & the Sea symposium schedule and registration form to learn full details on activities and prices. Please note: Museum members may register for the symposium through May 15, 2008 for the $250 fee that appears on the form as 'early registration.' The registration fee will NOT go up until mid-May. Please encourage your friends to sign up now!
  • When I worked in advertising/marketing/public relations, a typical bull session would probably include trashing a piece of crap like this. "Creates more questions than it answers" "Tone seems kind of mean" "Ah little patronizing" "Awkward" "Try not to use industry-specific jargon"At least those were the things we would've said when the new kid hurriedly dashed it off.
  • Oh wait, that was from the oldest firm in the SouthCoast. Another foul result of humoring creepy old people who won't get out of the way.
  • And some octogenarian has put himself in charge of the Whaling Museum. Because he ran some multibranch business back in the days "before there were computers," a trait of which he is very proud. And just when the world was starting to recognize that the Whaling Museum is not just a bunch of old fogeys in matching polo shirts dragging schoolkids around a dusty old collection of ship models and whale's teeth.
  • Because it's been a tough week, let's remember the wisdom of the past...

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