Thursday, April 24, 2008


He comes with his own tribute to Carvel Ice Cream Cakes (Picture courtesy HSSSC)We here at stately Goon Manor have opened our home and hearts (not in that order) to this furry character.
To fully disclose the backstory of this little comedy would be self-indulgent and make me sound like a total wuss. Suffice it to say that after a fun afternoon of surveying our local Humane Society, scoping out the joint researching volunteer and donation possibilities,Yes. He CAN hear you. Now, can we just let that go? Please? I saw this three-year old 17-pounder and inquired as to his demeanor. I was assured that he was "the sweetest" and I thought I would keep that information filed for future visits. I offhandedly remarked on same with the rest of the crew, not in any way urging the acquisition of a new shipmate at this time. Because Maybelline will have none of it.Sweet? Oh, puh-LEEZ...
There are any number of "experts" online who share their experience of introducing a "new cat" to your home. And when I say "your home," I mean, "the place that cats allow you to share with them."After all, they domesticated us thousands of years's Franny Syufy refers to the new cat as "New Cat," and rolls the existent cat in anthropomorphic psychology while instructing you how to introduce another furry overlord to your living situation.Yes, a whole LOAF of cat, please. What? That's not how to order them?
Understanding full well that if their thumbs weren't halfway up their legs, cats would never have allowed humans to develop spray bottles or nail clippers, we approach this transition period gingerly.
See what I did there? "Ginger-ly?" Cats (and some dogs) in comic strips are always named "Ginger."
Of course, it doesn't matter what you've named the little tyrant. The odds are it won't answer anyway. Unless the name you give it includes the sound of a can of anchovies opening. Luckily, our new shipmate came with a name. This way, we wouldn't have to play the "Spartacus? Andy? Macomber? Clairmont?" game. By stroke of extraordinary luck, his given name is "Tommy." So, whenever I call him, I can't help but be reminded of time I spent roofing with a bunch of guys from South Boston.
"HEY, Too-wom-mey! Han' me tha' twah-nik! I'm wicked thiwsty!"
...and Leon's getting LARGER!We were instructed to cordone off a wing of the manse to contain the new arrival and allow him to get used to the surroundings and other animals. I'm told that the introduction process can take up to two weeks. But as you can see above, the smallest giant pygmy monkey cat on Earth, Tuki Flicka, started to use her X-Men ability to grow to tremendous size, starting with her tail, in order to impress the new shipmate.
They shared a tense moment of that flirty kind of wordplay you'd expect at a gallery opening, and we expect them to be get along swimmingly.
I hope you remember the old saying: 'After dark all cats are leopards.'
Maybe not so much.


bitterandrew said...

Congrats on the new addition to the crew! He looks like an absolute charmer.

When we added the recuperating marshmallow Sioux to our family, it didn't take too long for the other kitlings to adjust. Except for Witch Baby, who revealed his previously hidden jerkitude.

To quote the wife, "Cat politics suck."

just jenn said...

Congratulations on Tommy's acquisition of your home!

ThirdMate said...

bitterandrew: Compared to human politics here on The Beach, cat politics is no great shakes. Even with hissing and scratching, cats are more reasoned and linear. (Except that Tuki has taken a surprise turn as Frank "The Punisher" Castle. It's Maybelline who's nonchalant.)

just jenn, Tommy got a great rate on what may be a longer-term mortgage than mine. And two points lower.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.