Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Go Dennis Go Dennis... or whatever

Last night, against the advice of Barney Frank (which was shared here) and over the rustling, grunting, and wheezing sounds of all the rude Congressional pantloads waddling and shuffling around the floor of the House, Dennis Kucinich "went for it" ...
Unfortunately, nobody cared because he didn't say anything about sex in the Oval Office.
Which, as everyone knows, is the only reason we can ever impeach a sitting President.
(I love the listlessness of Madam Speaker. She's all class, but tends to telegraph a bit too much.)

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Anonymous said...

Congressman Kucinich's site is "crashed" (wonder how that happened) so here is the AfterDowningStreet.com link to the 85 pages of documentation behind the 35 Artcles of Impeachment.