Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Brew supplier and ship's gunner, Chuck, celebrates his birthday today. I wouldn't want to ruin the result by measuring it, so let's just say he's not as old as your Third Mate.
But has nearly as hot a girlfriend.
While at his kettle-pond retreat this weekend, enjoying the pickerel-hooking pine-choked ambiance so loved by the freshwater types, I was asked if I had seen the T-shirt that one of the wee bairns was wearing. As a lifelong Curious George fan, I said that I had seen the image of the famed inquisitive simian on the toddler's habiliments.
"Looks like somebody's got an Obama shirt on," was a zany observation.
I commented that the ears on the drawing seemed too small.
Which seemed to endear me to the McCain people.

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