Monday, June 2, 2008

Is there an election coming up? Or something?

Um, help me walk through this...
There's a position circulating, goes something like this: If you believe in Democratic "party unity," you shouldn't vote for Barack Obama in November because he shouldn't be President because he was poor and young and only a Senator and now is elitist but Hillary Clinton should be President because she was a Senator, a First Lady, and a woman, so vote for McCain, all you Democrats.
As soon as the environment, atheists, minorities, gays, immigrants, veterans, the economy, women, the disabled, the poor, (and those we both forget) are assured a fair shake from that side of the aisle, sure, of course.
The Massachusetts Democratic Committee bounced the political activist (or, if you want to be technical, "delegate") who's always delivered the SouthCoast checkmarks to the Democratic column. Because Margaret D. Xifaras wanted to presidentially-nominate Barack Obama, and not the MassDemStateComm to the DemNatComm favorite son, Hillary Clinton.
So when I and my beloved and the other 511,678 of us cast our "GObama!" in the Massachusetts primary, we knew that our voices would be drowned out by shrill political hacks yelling "Four More Years!" (But MarDee will be there, with our "GObama!" because she's a superdelegate who will stand defiantly at the convention because she has to: her superdelegate term ends after the upcoming Debacle in Denver.) So, she won't be representing us by sitting on her deck in Marion, sobbing and shaking her head, like the rest of us.
And somehow they blame "feminism" for this.
The aim of feminism, as I understood it, is to put each of us -- boys and girls-- on the level playing field of equal individual rights, regardless of gender. It's not to especially punish males or especially reward females. It's not the "grrl power" branding that sells fashions or porn for chicks. It's not the Robert Bly "Iron John" reaction silliness. It's not baby clothes or nursery paints in gender-neutral colors. Feminism is not about blame or fault or divisiveness or hate or selfishness.
At least not the way it was taught to me
(I know I'm going to hear it from the "You just say you're a feminist to get chicks" crowd, but here goes:)
I say we are all equal in deserving respect and love, and we all work and play with the same rights and opportunities, moving toward our common goal of a better home, state, country, world.
So what is this about ?

I hate The Beach.


Dr. Momentum said...

McCain is going to be the next president?

Good luck with that bullshit, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Harriet would like everyone to know that she is "the farthest thing from a racist" and beleieves that she represents the American civil rights she fought for: The America where everything goes her way or she'll stamp her feet and hold her breath until she turns blue. Or voteds red. Fox news:

ThirdMate said...

I'm curious, Anonymous 3:53, you're not a really embarrassed grandkid, are you?

Anonymous said...

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