Saturday, June 14, 2008


I didn't do this yesterday because (a) I was tending to my Beloved and her sprained ankle, (b) I wanted to see if I could use Friday 13 as an excuse, and (c) I've been developing an aggressive ennui.
"Lefty" over at A View From Battleship Cove made a list of "rules for blogging" (which includes "4. Write assuming that no one will click on the links." So I won't link to him. Just kidding.). I read his blog when it appears (#7) on the GoogleReader because I no longer have any need to read or add to comments (#5). Except to say that I, too, wonder what happens to newbie local bloggers who fashion ambitious SouthCoast-centric sites and promptly disappear.
The comments sections on the online versions of local newspapers are rank and full of utter ignorant shit that should never even be spoken, let alone published. But these self-important pigs are given free voice and free rein, so my enjoyment and edification at the information sites that they have turned into their personal slop trough is finished. I get a few local headlines and really don't care if the local rags go under, as is rumored. They brought it on themselves by allowing the quality of their product to sink to such abysmally repulsive depths. Shame on them.

  • See this very positive story about Ernestina getting a grant from the Commonwealth. If you scroll down, there are a couple of trolls who have nothing good to say, and don't even seem to have read the article, but drop their turd anyhow because the Standard-Times graciously allowed the bandwidth and page space to comment. Out of fear, mostly. That the whiners will be whiny on the radio or somewhere else where their ilk convene.
  • Comments on newspaper sites (or their horrid siblings, online forums) just increase page hits, which the Sales Department can use to lure advertisers. I am not employed by the Standard-Times or Herald News, so why should I aid them in that endeavor?
  • The SouthCoastResponse is designed to lead you to an ad, then make you look (click) for the forum, then they give you a recent posting so you must click again to read the preceding postings or click to get to the beginning and then click to the end and click to reply and click to sign in and click to sign your name and then they send you a Confirmation e-mail which you must click to get back to their sign-in page and then you must go through all the steps again just to leave a comment like: "Don't you jerks have anything better to do?"
  • In SCR's case, there are so few actual posters, I would pull the damn thing no matter how many realtors and used car dealers think they're getting a great deal. My only advice is look at a typical intro page:

  • (click to enbiggen)

  • If someone were to ask me to advertise their site on my site, I would very carefully consider the site they wanted to promote. If that site were full of inaccurate personal attacks by paranoid conspiracy-theorist self-styled-Libertarian creeps who spent a great deal of time berating me, my city, and people that I support, I would not allow them access.
  • And it's not about allowing someone freedom of speech. It's about refusing to promote agendas that offend me. Objectivism, fear, neoconservatism, hate, regressive social agendas, are all things I do not support.
  • And if they started their whining about violation of First Amendment rights, they might get a demonstration of my support for the Second Amendment.
  • Over on The Gam, I've thrown up some sites that I admire for various reasons. I apologize to the owners of those sites for leaving or not leaving comments. And I apologize to the rest of you for not writing enough. And I apologize to my future publisher for same. Whoever that is.
  • I realize that since I never got fully into the txtng and online social network lifestyle and its necessary gadgetry, I may not be up on things, but c'mon, look at my profile photo. I realize that people looking for local politics will be bored with my boating stories, and people looking for boating stories will be confused by my dissing of local media, and that those looking for Alyson Hannigan, and the "pope fish friday" people ... well, I'm not sure what any of them make of this.
  • Because they don't leave comments.


karie said...

Thank you, for tending to me and my damaged limb!

There are some pretty great spots on your "gam."

I think it is nice that you offer the "pope fish friday" people something interesting to read.

Lefty said...

Thanks for the mention!

I agree the comment sections and forums seem to quickly step away from intelligent observation and right into mud-slinging and useless drivel. It's too bad because such behavior is always at the expense of legitimate dialog.

ThirdMate said...

I make no claims to "legitimate dialog."

That way, if drivel happens, I can claim it's a public forum, and if brilliance occurs, I can take the credit.

I did learn something when I worked at WSAR.