Friday, June 6, 2008


  • Many years ago, sometime last century, I worked at a radio station with a very upright and conscientious jock. He made a point of pointing out to anyone who would listen, on-air or off, that he was "tired of hearing people misapply the term 'self-titled.'"
  • "The term you mean to use is 'eponymous,'" he would drone. "I know what you're trying to say, that the band titled its album after itself. But the only one who doesn't title a record itself is one who lets someone else, like the record company, title it. Then, you would say 'record-company-titled,' now, wouldn't you?"
  • I mention this because, a quarter-century later, I still hear people call albums that have the same name as the artist "self-titled." Which is why I've stopped correcting people who work in radio.
  • Except that kid at the college radio station who keeps calling Hasil Adkins "HAY-zil." ("Hasil" sounds like "Hassle" in the late Mr. Adkins' case.)
  • They've got billboards that measure you so they can sell you junk on The Beach. I say: Don't just record my gender and how tall I am. How about manufacturing something I might actually go and buy?
  • DreamNight is held at local zoos every June 6. It started in The Netherlands and is celebrated everywhere, because it's a very cool thing to open your local zoo to kids who might not be able to enjoy a day at the zoo because of physical limitations.
  • Usually there's a theme, like "storybook characters" and local volunteers help the zoo staff take on the challenge of entertaining and educating the kids who are invited to participate. Very special event.
  • I''ll be at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford tonight, along with members of the ensemble at Your Theatre Inc. And to show that I'm a good sport, I'm dressing up like a pirate, despite my disdain for such practices. Because kids love pirates.
  • And no, I won't be Captain Hook, or peg-legged, or even eye-patched . That would be insensitive, now wouldn't it?I'm not encouraging, elevating, or promoting lawlessness or perpetuating unsavory stereotypes. It's for a good cause, right?
  • And I won't be singing any Jimmy Buffett, so that makes it okay, doesn't it? ...And I'm not giving this expression back to Jeff Bridges Now, if I can only remember whether it's "Arrr!" or "Aaargh!"


hgranger said...

It's "Arrrr" in general conversation and "Argh!" when the nukes go awry...

What a great thing to do... Have fun at the Zoo!

ThirdMate said...

Thanks, hgranger.

For those just hopping aboard, the "nuke" mention refers to the former last line of the post. The original pic looked like I was making an obscene hand gesture, so when I fixed that, I took out the "Now, where did I leave those nukes?" (DefSec Gates ridding the AF of Wynne and Moseley yesterday for a "string of procedural errors" on their watch, including sending 6 nuke missiles on a B-52 joyride to Louisiana).


bitterandrew said...

You're a good sport and a good soul. You totally rock the buccaneer look, too.

Dr. Momentum said...

That's quite a convincing pirate.

If you can believe it, and I'm certain you can, I swear I heard someone use the phrase "self-titled" on a song or album that had a title different from the band name.

I was left wondering what they meant; perhaps they meant what "self-titled" really means.

But I doubt it. I actually think they meant "debut" if you can believe that.

And I bet you can.

Large said...

I would hope the character combines the best of R.L. Stevensons Long John Silver and Captain Jack Sparrow,..

Portaying Piracy is like the force,.there is a dark side that must be controlled,..never sing buffett or look to the peg leg and hook,..

I would imagine you would be more like,...William Dampier, who is know as A Pirate of Exquisite Mind,...

perhaps another book to add to your sea bag

and it also could be Yearrrggghhhh

ThirdMate said...

Thank you all. I have to do the charitable to keep up with the fine example set by my altruistic friends.

I also have a pathological need to volunteer for local causes whenever I hear the terms "Taxachusetts," "Chappaquiddick," or "rational self-interest."

ThirdMate said...

We must've hit "publish" at the same time.

Dampier? Wasn't he the circumnavigator who discovered breadfruit?

I think David "the Botanist" Nelson used to mention him in more long-winded Great Room lectures. Name-dropper.