Monday, July 28, 2008

If I can help an actual real "HMS"

As an American pacifist who has titled his online memoir with "H.M.S." because of a series of former occupations which involved reproductions of ships from George III's navy, and without any particular allegiance to any particular navy, except for good friends who have served their nations in that branch of the military, and having been born and schooled in a town whose major tourist attraction is a marina filled with artifact warships, I do feel a colleagueship with people like Martin Slater.
Martin Slater is the Secretary of H.M.S. Plymouth Association, who sent me the following email. After explaining that it was not spam, he divulged that actually...

It is a plea to you all to do just a little to help stop H.M.S. Plymouth from being scrapped, because this is just what will happen if we can't raise enough money to save her and take her 'home' to Plymouth, Devon, UK ~ the city where she was built, is named after, and spent a great deal of time during her Naval service.
A company based in Plymouth,Warship Management Ltd, was set up with the intention of finding "5 good men and true", each willing to pledge £20,000 to fund the purchase and relocation of H.M.S. Plymouth.
The members of H.M.S. Plymouth Association have pledged over £20,000 and, along with the other 4 “good men”, hope to purchase the ship from Mersey Docks and Harbour Company (Peel Ports), who became the owners by default when the previous owners The Warship Preservation Trust, was forced into voluntary liquidation in early 2006 ~ this came about because of the conversion into luxury apartments of two corn warehouses on the dockside adjacent to the ship.
Of course the cost to achieve the purchase and relocation is not small, as you can see below, and we need all the help we can get.
Purchase price £75,000
Survey £3,900
Towage Birkenhead £2,000
Towage South £28,000
Towage Plymouth £2,000
Dredging £100,000
Berth Modification £2,000,000
Total £2,210,900
The aim of my e-mail is to reach 2 million people, each willing to donate just £1 to help us reach our goal
To do this, please visit
Help Save HMS Plymouth to make your pledge of just £1 then forward the e-mail to everyone in your address book.
If you would like to pledge more than just £1 please don't be afraid to do so
Further information on the demise of The Warship Preservation Trust and the other vessels under their ‘command’ may be found on our website
message board.

I'm aware of the "Nigerian Money Scam" and all of the other online perfidy, but I also believe that history -- war, peace, or otherwise -- must be preserved, studied, experienced, and at the very least, remembered and appreciated.
Go ahead, look into it yourselves. I left the links. I post here in good faith and hope that word gets around further.
Forty-five years ago, Massachusetts schoolchildren gave their pennies to bring the "Big Mamie" to Fall River.
I hope this "Pounds for Plymouth" project surpasses its goal and achieves at least as much success as Battleship Cove.


SCM said...

Schooled where? You are saying that the years at Pocasset were not the formative ones?
"Nothing to do, nothing to do
Put some mustard in your shoe..."

ThirdMate said...

I was purposefully ambiguous.

You may remember that Tiverton also had a marina or two, also filled with artifacts. Mostly gin drinkers.

Fort Barton was where I learned everything I'd ever need. Third & Fourth grades on the site of Revolutionary War re-enactments. You do the math.

Mart said...
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Mart said...


Once again many, many thanks for posting our plea on your blog.

Current total as at 1400GMT 29th July is £826.

Still a few oceans to navigate, but with calm seas and following winds we'll make it to Plymouth port eventually.

Yours Aye.

Martin Slater,
Secretary H.M.S. Plymouth Association.