Friday, July 11, 2008


Now, let's get that 6 minutes out of our heads, and cool off with NOAA at the North Pole, where perfectly seasonal melting pools are making their completely expected, cyclical reappearance. Go ahead and click on the picture and you'll see the reported weather conditions in the upper left. It's 1.5° C, 34.7° F. Freezing. Nearly. And, you know it gets like this every year. Because it's Summer! If you visit the NOAA website, they go into great detail about how this happens every year. NOAA is the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and has no connection to this week's reports of Dick Cheney's "censorship" of climatic condition information. Mmmm. Nice and cool.

The North Pole. They even put a real POLE there.


Anonymous said...

The "staff" at Boy Millionaire School would have been a "faculty."

Anonymous said...

The whole point of "visiting lecturers" is to prevent them from being "faculty."