Friday, July 18, 2008


  • At a time when every business seems to be thrashing about on deck, the heirs of Anderson-Little ("André Litelle" to the folks who think frenchifying is cute. Take that, "Targé") are re-opening their operation on-line and offering those Made-In-America "Classic Blue Blazers" that started me on the road to fashion platedom at a very young age. Unfortunately, no one -- NO ONE -- is wearing Classic Blue Blazers anymore.
  • Now, if they were selling Made-In-America "wife-beater" undershirts in packs of three for under a dollar, yeah, I could see them putting a dent in the fashion world.
  • Speaking of fashion... After a few seasons of salt air and sunshine, those "Nantucket red" baseball caps you thought looked so Jimmy Buffett-slash-Ernest Hemingway-manly don't look Nantucket red anymore. They look pink. And you look like you're a member of Code Pink. Like you're going to protest at some hearing or other.
  • If you're going to make a silly magazine cover featuring the uninformed's fears about the Obamas, you shouldn't make Michelle look so much like Sigourney Weaver.
  • Speaking of similarities... Am I really late on this, or has anybody noticed the similarities between oil-producing nations and heroin-producing nations?
  • Her Swellestness, Sarah Vowell, has written something called The Wordy Shipmates, which will be out in October. Although it sounds like the story of my life at sea, it's actually even better: It's about the crazy folk who were my neighbors two hundred years ago: Those kooky Puritans. I've pre-ordered it from Amazon, but I can accept a signed copy if the Ms. Vowell wants to drop it off at the manse.
  • And I'll show her around to some of the crazy Puritans still taking up space around here.
  • I'm not kidding.
  • It's Too Hot. The Specials:


karie said...

Your pick up on the Michelle/Sigourney images is priceless!

Too Hot!
Thanks for blasting the awful "dem-erals & libo-crats (blame on you!)" song from my brain.

ThirdMate said...

What karie's referring to is this.

Which is where country music is going, apparently.

Which is why I like bluegrass.

bitterandrew said...

I felt guilty about leaving The Specials off yesterday's "Hot" collection of tracks, but I'm glad to see someone else had seen to it.

ThirdMate said...

You're on vacation.