Monday, August 25, 2008

A Convention? In Colorado?

On a pilgrimage last century to Colorado Springs to visit the home of my boyhood friend Nikola Tesla, I got a good whiff of the pong of Colorado.
Here in New England, people point you at Providence's Thayer Street or Northampton's Center Street, or Provincetown, or somewhere in Vermont when you ask, "Which way are the liberals?" In Colorado, I met a liberal woman, who was sitting on a pillow on the sidewalk near a music shop in Boulder, and asked me if I wanted to make love -- right there on the sidewalk -- for a quarter. My travelling companion gave her a quarter and she gigglingly wriggled about in her diaphanous caftan (which held farm implements or, possibly, farm animals) and then she spelled "L-O-V-E" on the sidewalk with a collection of quarters and we all had a good laugh.
Most everyone -- except for the actual politicians -- in my corner of New England is a sensible, quietly dogmatic Catholic or Prod who wishes that Republicans weren't so racist or Democrats weren't such Commies. They are Whigs who have plucked up the label "Libertarian" and still vote Democrat because their parents would kill them from beyond the grave if they didn't. (Their parents were closer to actual employment issues like "having a job" so they voted "Union.")
That's why it was strange for me when I drove to Colorado.
Besides the "no coastline" thing.
Which terrified me after a long night's drive across Nebraska. I mean, Nebraska has a serene sea quality about it at night, filled with impossibly-peopled ports. 80 to 76 and ... Colorado: BIG FECKIN' MOUNTAINS.
It's beautiful.
There are really nice people. REALLY nice people.
Some, yes, who drive around in the 4X4 with Dad's loaded Springfield M1903 and an open can of CoorsLight right along with the rest of us, listening to both kinds of music ("country AND western") driving for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles before seeing ... anything. Me, no smokes, two weeks out of the Gulf of Mexico. I'm screaming inside. Screaming.
Hope those kids have a swell time. And do you know what would be cool? If Pete Seeger got onstage with Bruce on Thursday night and they did something.
But that's my "theatrical nature" talking.

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