Friday, August 15, 2008


  • When I was brought up, long ago in the last century, I was not prepared for some things. Like in publishing. You can write a book that is factually inaccurate, and people that agree with the book's misguidedpremise can buy the book in huge quantities so that it looks like it's selling well, and then people who aren't paying much attention think it's true because it's #1.
  • I knew I should have used my massive media power to get more people involved in the British Navy's Eighteenth Century use of Thames River colliers.
  • When I had the chance.
  • Marc Monroe Dion's future ex-wife Deb Allard shows how the BCC Kids' Summer College Commencement ceremonies prove that it's true what they say about some people and rhythm:
  • Can't say as I care for every woman competing in the Olympics being called a "gold digger."
  • As a performer and director who has worked with talented young performers, the story of the lip-syncing singer in the Olympic$ Opening ¢eremony caught my attention. Because.
  • First: People are somehow offended that, 60 years after we thought twice about using duckcalls to enhance popular music, somebody is miming to pre-recorded music.
  • Second: That a "cuter" performer was chosen to publicly perform the song that was sung by someone else, who "didn't have straight teeth."
  • Third: That all the people on teevee news who tell the story are not particularly skilled, talented, or credible.
  • But they all have really straight really white teeth.
I did get a good shot of the back of a huge not-so-red red-tailed hawk keeping watch over the grapevines in my backyard. She wouldn't turn, no matter what I did. I'll never be a raptor paparazzi: I'll give you fish/I'll give you candy! However...


karie said...


(yes, both of them)

"GIANT Tommy!"

With her careful training, maybe he learned from her and has taken up "GIANT TUKI's watch?!

Tommy & the Hawk are keeping the perimeters watched, for sure!

steve said...

Cool, you've got grapes! Are you making jam, wine, or just enjoying them off the vine?

ThirdMate said...

What you see in that pic is 1/100th of one of the seven (or eight) fields of chardonnay, gew├╝rztraminer, riesling, seyval blanc, cayuga, vidal blanc and chancellor grapes sold wholesale to several regional vintners, and some private corkers.