Friday, August 22, 2008


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  • According to the Associated Press in yet another article about what town should claim Lizzie Borden, Fall River is "a hardscrabble fishing community."
  • Yes, it is true. Some Fall Riverites find Scrabble™ to be hard.
  • Others use hard words while playing Scrabble™.
  • I love the originals/covers thing what BitterAndrew is doing at Armagideon Time.
  • According to Steven Greenhouse's The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker, at least 33 million U.S. workers make less than $10 an hour.
  • From 1979 to 2005, after-tax income was up 6 percent for the bottom fifth of U.S. households, while it rose 21 percent for the middle fifth.
  • For the top fifth, income jumped 80 percent—and for the top 1 percent, it grew by 228 percent.
  • If wages had kept pace with productivity since 1980, the average full-time worker would be earning $58,000 a year. Instead, the average worker made $36,000 last year.
  • Forty million Americans live below the poverty line.
  • All I ever hear on talk radio is people who must be wealthy because they don't do anything other than call talk shows all day, obviously palling around with wealthy industrialists who have moved their businesses offshore so that they don't have to deal with pesky unions or the guilt that comes with massive tax breaks.
  • It might be possible that they just want us to think that, though.
  • John McCain thinks that he might own 4 houses and that $5million a year makes you a rich person. And that he never saw his daughter Bridget until Cindy brought her home in what sounds like some kind of a baby-smuggling racket. Except that she said that Mother Theresa gave her the kid. She said.
  • I was having a delicious straight-from Stop-N-Shop arugula and cranberry salad. And do you know who I was just thinking about, just the other day?
  • On a beach, factories in the background, looking exactly like a crush that I had freshman year. Again, I've no idea how else to credit this.

Bette Davis in a cute outfit on a lifeboat.

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