Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Convention? In Minnesota?

UPDATE: The term "party" as used in the following refers ro either the convention activities or the actual "leadership" of the GOP. No offense to my many friends who tend to, for reasons known only to their parents and God, pull the 'R' lever. MY opinions, shipmates.

My Beloved's family settled (after adventures with Vikings, Injuns, and Huguenots) in Minnesota's Iron Range. Those folk organized and burrowed deep into the crust of the Earth to provide raw materials to union-supported industries, and to house the united workers of this once-great nation.
The people I met there -- not just relatives, mind you -- are smart and intensely practical, so it only speaks to their sense of community and hospitality that they can have any patience for the party that's taking over one of their fine cities. Remember, these are the same people who didn't think it was funny when I disturbed a voyageur.
By golly, I t'ought vas funny, don'tcha know. Unlike those who search the prairie for Lake Wobegon, I grew to especially love the Boundary Waters region, and knowing that a canoe (or skimobile, depending on the season) would put me in Canada. The cheeseburgers tasted better, but the pizza did not. And since I was assured that winters lasted nine and a half months and made men go mad, I decided to moor in saltwater.
In Saint Paul MN this week, a bunch of suits that can't say "union" without shaking their heads and complaining about teachers, are working to impale one John McCain on the pike of "commander-in-chief." This one John McCain, whose website's online store doesn't claim that its apparel is made by union labor or that it's even made in America. Unlike this Obama guy.That Obama. He's got these all over his site. Show-off.
We'll watch the zany machinations that seem meant to convince wary voters that the act of "voting" is just that: an act. They'll trot out reasons to lurv the preznit and why a narrow slice of the country should rule the greater populace. They'll show us a nutty teleprompter reader So, um, like, I said, um, no WAY, and then I was like VicePreznit-to-be or whatevs., and we'll meet spouses like one John McCain's wife, who dresses up like Janet van Dyne, The Wasp: Although the abuse issues are closer to those of Hank Pym.
Sure, we've watched over the past eight years (or twenty-five, depending on your feelings for ol' mother Reagan), that party has "adapted" the Constitution to allow for a certain amount of Monarchy and a much smaller amount of personal liberty. We've seen how people who have apparently never seen a dictionary can make and pass and break laws and morals. We've seen the utter disdain for democratic process and principles. We've seen how despicable cannibalistic capitalism (not the good kind) can blackmail, starve, enslave, and poison its own consumers with impunity. And we've listened as people who call themselves "Christian" act utterly faithlessly, gracelessly, hopelessly, and uncharitably.
That's not the Minnesota that I grew to love.

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karie said...

Ah... but, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) "Take Back Labor Day" concert was right across the river from that little convention in St. Paul on Monday. The Nightwatchman stole the show with his FULL version of Woody's "This Land is Your Land."

And later in the day, when I watched Obama speak, live, at a Milwaukee, WI Union gathering and eloquently make the connection between "TAKING CARE of our neighbors" during hurricane recovery, and the rise of the Unions in this country...I felt proud. Proud of all of my ansestors in Minnesota - those who tried to start logging unions 100 years ago, those who worked in the iron mines...and I remembered the stories of my family's local coal delivery company (practically spitting distance from the Canadian border....brrrr!) NEVER turning away a single person for coal to heat their home during the depression...taking trades, or IOU's or nothing. "Taking care!"

I felt pleased to be reminded that that little convention taking place in Minnesota is just that. Little.

And no matter what has happened in the past 9 years I have been gone, to turn one of the nations Democratic strongholds into a weird sea of unfamiliar behavior, they'll always have the BEST "Shore Lunches" in the world!
(Mmmmmm. Walleye.)

And regular people there WILL ALWAYS "take care."