Friday, September 5, 2008


  • It's Bob Newhart's birthday.
  • When I was sailing for ASTA, I met a lot of captains. I crewed for some of the best women with tickets, I like to think.
  • There was, of course, one woman that I did not like. Her crew called her "The Dread She-Skipper." She insisted upon making every other mate -- or captain, in one case -- painfully aware that she was a woman who could DO THE JOB. A woman who could DO A MAN'S JOB.
  • Maybe she was following the bad example set by other bad characters. She was loud, vulgar, and not really a very good captain because her crew had very little respect for her.
  • And they gave one (frankly, unverifiable) reason why: She got her seatime (a Coast Guard requisite for a licence) by driving her father's Boston Whaler around on weekends and then doctoring her papers.
  • The reason I didn't care for her was that she had no interpersonal skills. And she kept harping on that "man's job" thing. In every bar in every port and at every knot-tying and heaving-line event ASTA sponsored.
  • That is the extent of my experience with people in non-traditional occupations who really shouldn't have been in those positions. Everybody else should work in non-traditional roles until those positions became bloody well traditonal.
  • So, I'm no expert and I guess I would sound like a sexist this week when I say that I'm not impressed by a politician giving a speech. But I'm not.
  • For a very important reason: I've delivered some pretty stirring addresses. And I've never run for anything.
  • I am, however, disgusted by the people who are trying to get their names on important papers in my country. I'm not impressed by their ability to shoot pretty wildlife from a helicopter or duck blind or behind an old pal, even.
  • Because I have friends who can do that sort of thing pretty well. Without the shooting guys in the face part. And I would rather see my friends in charge of stuff.
  • Besides the fact that there is only ONE Maverick -- well, two, as long as you don't count Roger Moore.
  • In reference to the Boundary Waters region of Minnesota, I mentioned bad pizza and good cheeseburgers. One real reason to eat in Ely MN is the walleye. nom nom nom
  • Bob Newhart's birthday.
  • I share my own thoughts here in this journal because I'm not qualified to share the thoughts of others. I hold doors open for anybody behind me, and I try to help folks navigate when they need aid. I believe that, every four years, I have an opportunity to, in a very small way, share my civic responsibility to make my country, county, region, town, neighborhood and home a better place.
  • And that's as self-centered as I believe it is civically appropriate to be. And I may actually vote against my self-interest in order to help make my country, county, region, town, neighborhood, and home better.
  • So why do people think that it's appropriate to vote "to send a message"? You can send a message by writing to your representative, not by voting for the girl because she's a girl, or for the white guy because he's white.


karie said...

I know some Hawkee Moms who would sooner raise their own sticks before turning their hockey playing daughters' bodies and lives over to this lying sack of crackpot liars.

Hawkee-Mom's for Obama '08!!!!

Bob Newhart's Birthday.

ThirdMate said...

My coach always said, "We're better people than that, always..." No, wait... It was MY Hockey Mom:

Keep your stick on the ice.