Monday, September 15, 2008

"We got to touch the elephant," Vanessa said. "It was prickly."

What's better than a circus?
To Americans: Vegas-style illusionists.
Look: I know Lyn and Marc and I like 'em. I recorded an overwrought show opener for Lyn years ago, and have always felt a showbiz kinship.
And, yes, a little crush.
Of course, the last time I performed magic tricks ILLUSIONS on stage, you would swear that that's where Will Arnett got the character stage antics for G.O.B. As a matter of fact, as a member of the Buttonwood Park Zoological Society and a sap someone who volunteers for things like parties for disabled kids, I had wanted to work last Saturday's gig, but I've been exercising my groomsmanity and had a "Jack'n'Jill" party that date to organize.
And the last time I volunteered to work with elephants at the Zoo, I was accosted by Ruth the Elephant, who apparently thought that it would be "funny" to perform a "reacharound" when the photographer snapped the group souvenir. That's me below, the paisley pirate not looking at the camera. And that's how I learned that the shock of an elephant's proboscis grabbing my area is the one thing that will keep me from mugging for the lens.

bad touch
As a fellow performer, I like to promote Lyn's act when appropriate and I get the opportunity.
So, earlier this Summer, I promoted a spectacular that promised to be the final remarkable stroke of Ms. Dillies' election-year effort to get citizens to register and vote, "Your Vote Is Magic." The culminatory event was Saturday, at Buttonwood Park Zoo.
Well, the parking lot.
The article I quote in the title above is short on specifics, like "how many voters were registered at the event" or "how do misinformed partisan radio mouthpieces 'moderate' an event" or "how many six-year-olds plan to vote for The Crazy Mommy and The Scary Old Guy."
And then I realized that I am a plodder.
That politics isn't about important issues.
It's about the illusion of issues.
But we can still attend the circus and be entertained by the clowns.
And accept that, yes, Vanessa, the elephants can be "prickly."

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