Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Politics Makes Dopey Ideas

MoveOn or some associated gang of wild-eyed fanatics actually sent the above to me by e-mail, and although it was addressed to me as "PJ, You're in this video," they identify "me" as "undefined" in what would be a clever prank if it weren't so lowbrow and inconsiderate. As if being called "undefined" weren't insult enough, watch it and you'll see graffiti that calls "undefined" a "loser" and you'll hear an old lady address "undefined" in some remarkably piquant language.

I just wanted to remind these kids and their crank call sensibilities that I would hate to be an undecided voter who receives something this thoughtless and foul. If the Obama campaign has chosen to stay above the fray, why shouldn't the people who support him? Especially the ones who are clever enough to design what might have been a neat gimmick? As it is, I'm a voter who has never missed an election and doesn't plan to miss the one a week from today, even if you think it's funny to accuse me of doing so.

And MoveOn or TrueMajority or USAction or whoever sent this: I reject your wallowing in the "coarser culture" that Karl Rove promised us. I chose to eschew the vulgar and selfish and hypocritical and ugly. If you don't, then they've already won.

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