Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Is everybody dumb?"

That ain't a vernacular... I've been taking care of Maybelline, the last of the original litter here at stately Goon Manor. Hepatic lipidosis, which is a nice way of saying that "your cat will turn yellow and die."
At least according to the eleven-year-old upseller-of-the-month veterinarian we were unlucky enough to pull from the shallow end of the socially-awkward pool,
Maybelline had lost a tooth at some point in the past month, so we hadn't been surprised by her weight loss. She seemed fine.
But we were scheduled to fly to California, so we brought her in for bloodwork just to be sure; we were given a dire prognosis. An astronomical bilirubin count and elevated neutrophils, which meant that she had been fighting an infection which must have damaged her liver. We hadn't suspected any kind of infection, but that news gave me some hope. Treat the infection and the liver problem will go away. And her ears won't look yellow any more. So, I've been feeding her everything that she'll eat (to get her weight back) and giving her antibitotics.
I couldn't leave the cat for the kids who'd graciously offered to watch them before we found her ill, and I certainly wasn't going to leave her to expire at my Mom's.
So, every day at around 2 in the afternoon, I drive my fifteen-year-old cat to the vet for subcutaneous liquids.
The veterinary hospital is located in another town. A town where I lived when I was doing some work on a boat. A town that -- for all of its sweetly-suburban tree-lined streets, fascinating boating history, and waterfront eateries -- I do not like.
It's one of those meth havens that you're not supposed to hear about. It's a town with one of the highest rates of high school heroin use in the Commonwealth.
And it's a pure indicator of what happens when society stumbles down Selfish Street. I have to laugh when its residents complain about how "illegals" or "gays" or "liberals" are ruining our amerkin way of life, when it's obvious who actually is ruining it.
The children are spoiled, poorly-instructed, and allowed -- even encouraged -- to lash out violently. The adults, when not feigning complete ignorance, are impotent and angry about a life wasted at the disappointment of savage acquisition.

Stop signs and speed limits are mere suggestions with no record of enforcement, so are best ignored, lest you look weak or gullible. I was actually verbally assaulted while waiting for a red light to turn green.
The operator behind me thought that I should "just go."
And said so loudly and with a wide array of hand gestures and invectives.
Except for friends and drunks, I have never seen one person smile.
Preparing to leave the hospital yesterday, I was seated and arranging my cat carrier's seatbelt and noticed that a huge backward-baseball-capped homonculous in a K-car was gesturing wildly, apparently for me to get out of its parking space. I saw no indication that this, among the thirty other parking spaces, belonged to it specifically, but I pulled tightly around the Humvee to my left while the creature revved its little motor and shouted, "thank YOU!" in a tone of petulant and unconvincing half-menace.
I gave the only response I felt would adequately express my feelings. No, I didn't flip the bird. No, I didn't shout vulgarities. No, I didn't lean on my horn.

I frowned.


karie said...

I am so sorry for the difficult vet trips to lameville. But, do thank you so deeply for watching over Mabes!!!

I don't think we are all "dumb", but I could tell you some hairy stories from the parking lot of the San Fran mall, about how "nice, laid back, and go with the flow" can cause seriously dangerous driving conditions. But, at least they aren't hopped up on meth or worse.

Takes all kinds, I guess.
They were registering voters in the bookstore..."34 already today" the kid told me with great enthusiasm. I think that is good.

ThirdMate said...

New voters: always bad for incumbents.

Look out, Nancy.

Our eight badly-unorganized Republicanz prolly won't dent the Frank'n'Kerry armor.
Mostly because the last voter registration drive around here involved six-year-olds and an elephant.

And Emily is already registered as "Independant"[sic].

karie said...

I saw that performance on video. It was quite unimpressive. EXTRAORDINArily unimpressive, actually.

The one transaction I heard at the voter registration table in the SF Borders bookstore was the young man working the table asking someone if they were registered. The person responded that they were too young, and he replied with an ULTRA-enthusiastic "But someday you won't be, and you will come HERE to register!"

Are they getting paid by the registrant? Or is this new "evangelical voter registration cult" a healthy backlash to the nationwide two decades of apathy & irresponsibility? Bad for incumbs, I would say "yes" to that.

Hope you are right about the Frank'n'Kerry, though. The alternative is petrifying.

steve said...

No more worries about living a life of "savage acquisition," PJ, as the straws in the wind are blowing towards personal bankruptcy, forced savings, and frugality for most Americans. Buy your copy of Poor Richard's Almanac today!

ThirdMate said...

Today, we are all Joe the Plumber.