Thursday, October 2, 2008

My goal: To normalize "elitism"

The New York Times has an article about San Francisco's diverse political scene. Since I'll be out there for a spell for the quasiannual polite hug for the Beloved's sister, I thought I'd peruse.
I came to a grinding halt. Without even hearing The Cure (One of these days, Alice: pow musciblog)
In the usual overlong opening "three paragraphs of clever!™ wordplay and pop culture references" that seems to be required in journalism today (instead of that old-timey WhoWhatWhenWhere stuff), Jennifer Steinhauer correctly -- and cleverly!™ -- points out:

Campaign consultants often reduce the country’s electoral map to Big Mac eaters versus arugula lovers, “Two and a Half Men” viewers versus “30 Rock” watchers, hockey fans versus the sort of people who visit enotecas, but those conventions generally fail to hold up after conversations with voters, even those who identify strongly with one political party.
The brief snapshot seems to say that there is at least one guy who's thinking of voting for the McCain one. And everybody else is "wacky." ( I would also remind Jennifer of Winston Churchill's admonition about five minutes with the average voter: "The best argument against democracy.")
Of course, the last guy I went to a hockey game with is playing with his several bands at the Obama fundraiser tomorrow night at The Sky Room, Howland Place, New Bedford. And Pumpkin Head Ted. (The band, not the Senator.)
Oh, and an enoteca is a tapas bar for wine.
You can sample little glasses of (usually) local vintages (except when the owners want to appear "international" or the local wines suck, invalidating the need for an enoteca). Also on the menu might be outrageously-priced cheeses.
Actually, I'm inviting Dancing Dogs percussionist and Thunk drummer to a Bruins game and then we'll hop the T to Beacon Hill and Bin 26. Look and see if your favorite hockey town doesn't have a swell enoteca near the rink.
That'll show that clever!™ Jennifer Steinhauer.


B.O.B.(bob) said...

Bin 26 Enoteca is AWESOME! Went last summer and am dying to go back. They have a really cool nitrogen pump system so all the bottles stay fresh aftre opening. HUGE wine by the glass menu. Different sized options, etc. The cheese board was great and the rest of the food was pretty damn good too.

karie said...

I just looked at the website and it DOES appear to be a pretty cool place! (Too bad I don't go in for the hockey thing so much...)

ThirdMate said...

This is what the 'tubes are for!