Friday, October 31, 2008


  • Have any of those giggly gossip channels like FOX or CNN gotten in touch with any real Socialists while they're jumping all over the "redistribution of wealth thing? You know, like Gloria La Riva or Brian Moore? At all?
  • Or would that make the guy that they call "Socialist" look like just another "Democrat"?
  • I've bored myself to tears and hypoglycemia with whining about how 'merkin public edumacation and entertainment have given selfish and ignorant scatterbrains the same opportunity for success as anyone who studies hard, has integrity, and thinks about the other guy.
  • Which is why teevee and radio suck and politics is headed in that general direction.
  • And they aren't "24-hour news" stations if they run ads for Girls Gone Wild.
  • And with that said: P. Cameron DeVore died. In memory of his passing, we'll all go back to believing that outright lying is not protected by the Constitution.
  • I'm sorry that I didn't mention this and "huzzah" and "thank," but I can do that now: BitterAndrew (whom I have midcapitalized, possibly incorrectly) has been celebrating all month with his Halloween Countdown at Armagideon Time and I hope you got to its daily sounds of joy, because it's the most magical time of the year. There's also birthdays and wedding anniversaries at the Weiss manse, so mazel tov and fair winds.
  • And a special "Have a Hec of a Happy..." to James at Aces Full of Links, who also can make music happen at his place.
  • I confess that I did try to experiment with musicblogging and decided that I would leave that sort of thing to the people who can actually do it and don't have to rely on Roscoe Lee Browne's to make every meticulously-reproduced tune sound like listening to a softball through a rotary phone. (I reproduced quite a few songs from vinyl on my new Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB, using Audacity software and they all sound great on my machinery.)
  • Plus, I can't make the little arrow button thingy that just plays the song on the page. No matter how many "players" and "workarounds" I tried.
  • There: I've firmly established my non-technophile cred. Which I needed to do with the wooden boat crowd, who were beginning to doubt my fir deck footing.
  • But I have added a new feature to the sidebar, now that the North Atlantic Hurricane Season is nearly over. (North Atlantic Hurricane Season ends NOVEMBER 30. I will continue to post NOAA storm watches.)
  • This Month's Handsome Cabin Boy is Carey Mulligan.
  • To everyone who knows what I'm talking about: Happy New Year!
  • Now, here's something reallly scary:BOO! Say the Spirits of Illusion.


Dr. Momentum said...

Thankee kindly. And I hope your November is going well so far.

There's always time later for it to get worse, which is why I like to procrastinate.

ThirdMate said...

You've plotted a wise course.

Especially considering the "changing the clocks" thing.

bitterandrew said...

While I can't think of anyone better suited for music blogging than you, sir, I completely understand your reasons for staying on the sidelines.

Thanks for the shout out!

ThirdMate said...

All I wanted to do was to tell a quick, self-effacing, but evocative story about a night at The Blue Pelican in Newport hanging around with H.P., Lou Miami & The Kozmetix' blonde Amazon bass player, and then play "Dance With Death" and "Monster Mash" from the eponymous 1982 record on Hallowe'en. And stuff like that.

I can recognize and haul the lines on any pinrail of four schooners, three barques, two brigs, and four full-rigged ships, but this "ftp" stuff has me taken aback.