Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What'd YOU Do Last Night?

While San Francisco decides whether it will decriminalize prostitution and students at UMass-Dartmouth choose between being part of the Green Jobs Future by joining Van Jones at the opening of Bioneers By The Bay-NEW BEDFORD or whether they'll provide blank stares and half-hearted encouragement to former alum Jimmy Tingle this Thursday, The Town I Live In™ sat around the barn and did some good.

This one time.
Town Moderator (and gifted Cat Herder) Steve Sharek only had to rap his mallet a couple of times to rein in the attention- and courtesy-deficient, and off they went -- as though money grew straight out of the ground at the old Schofield Fahm. (Which also got approved.) Road improvements, pay raises for Town Hall employees, the police, money for textbooks and giving the developers of the shambling suburban atrocity at the old amusement park site the go-ahead to do all sorts of work and have other people pay for it.
But the most important and satisfying vote came as Town Meeting agreed to do the right thing by the Community Preservation Act and spare our Akin House the embarrassment of sliding off of its foundation, eventually turning into a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru after having stood through every historical event since 1762.
So: Congratulations to The Dartmouth Heritage Preservation Trust.
Also: Thanks to the guy with the McCain cap who gave the rousing speech in favor. Because Irony, thy name is Town Meeting.
(And special thanks to Peggi. For everything!)

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