Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Remember, remember the Fifth of November

Today, I am proud to be an American.

Of course, as we have learned over the past two years, a statement like that leaves me open to being called a traitor or a terrorist who wasn't proud to be an American before.
I knew that when I awoke this morning FoxNews would still be there with its bogus jovial hogwash, that my local radio stations would still be freely devoting their airtime to cranks who find daily reinforcement for their sociopathy, that the online newspaper comments and forums will still be filled with monstrous characters and their wanton callowness.
I turned to these outlets and was exposed to those same ignorant and impotent voices as I waited for news or weather -- and even that information isn't presented very well, or even accurately in many cases. Because those outlets have been tainted and corrupted by their profane associations.
Barack Obama's victory is more than simply about a black man in the White House. The entire campaign was about moving forward in a realistic manner, understanding and accepting the massive potential in America. What America has now accomplished cannot be negated or neutralized by these petty whiners and their pointless, baseless nonsense. The Obama Administration will allow me to bid adieu to those "superstitious, xenophobic morons."
Although I know it's not The New Altruism, permit me just this one bit of egoism. Today I celebrate knowing that I can turn off those voices and ignore them entirely.
They are finally exposed as exactly what they have always been:


Steve said...

Let's all sing along with George Harrison today:

"Ding Dong"

karie said...

Nice call, Steve!

bitterandrew said...

Amen, good sir.

ThirdMate said...

Striking the Jolly Roger and hoisting the Om ensign, aye!

Thanks Steve, and thanks for sharing Les Cowboys Fringants. Très captivating, as usual.