Friday, November 7, 2008


  • And then I realized that some forward-thinking someone wanted to remember this historic election by keeping a souvenir. Like that Obama lawn sign.
  • So positive and confident that Barack Obama would soon be the Forty-Fourth President of the United States, he pulled over in an overwhelmed, albeit ravaging vandal, kind of reverie. And took the sign.
  • All is forgiven.
  • Congratulations to the artists and organizers like Chuck, Ken, and Captain Tom for completing the New Bedford Panorama mural project. On time and under budget, I expect.Quansett Street, across from Taber Mill
  • NEW YORK, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp (NWSa.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) cut its full-year forecast and posted a worse-than-expected 30 percent drop in quarterly profit because of falling TV advertising. Shares dived 12 percent. Nelson Muntz, brevity in social commentary
    The international media conglomerate said display advertising at its Web holdings, including the MySpace social network, was beginning to weaken, and that it was instituting stringent cost-cutting measures company wide.
  • Of course, the display advertising had already "weakened" morally and intellectually.
  • While you're still feeling politically-motivated, go sign on to Bail Out Main Street before everybody forgets that there's still a crisis effecting us all.
  • The "Proposition" format cannot circumvent the due process of the judiciary and elected representatives, especially in the case of civil rights, and this whole CA Prop 8 thing never should have gotten to the ballot anyway. The California Constitution has an equal protection clause. What was anybody thinking?
  • Oh, they were thinking of going to the Supreme Court. Which is what they're doing.
  • Of course, somebody might challenge the constitutionality of the California Constitution's Equal Protection Clause, arguing that it discriminates against the people who disagree with that sort of thing.
  • Which reminds me of Chuck's comment a couple of days ago: "... decide this election on votes cast, not litigation, and get about repairing our nation." Catchy, eh?
  • We did learn this, though: If your entire campaign is based on repeating invalidated talking points and demanding your opponent resign, try not to use radio ads to accuse your opponent of having "chutzpah." Particularly if he's Jewish. (Sholley vs. Frank, MA 4th District)
  • Speaking of lawnsigns: of the eleventy-hundred or so McCain signs I saw in my town over these past few months, only two had the name "Palin" on them.
  • Oh, and the members of the NORTH AMERICAN Free Trade Agreement are the United States, Canada, and Mexico. None of which are countries on the continent of Africa. (see above: Nelson Muntz, Simpsons)
  • President-elect Barack Obama talked to the real French President Nicolas Sarkozy for a while yesterday.
  • Everything is happening this weekend. Like Jess's show at the Plymouth Center for the Arts, Jeff & Benares and Michael Troy and Ian Thomas and The Maybees at Gallery X's Whaling Country Showcase, and Jimi and Steve's new band Thunk! in Brooklyn.
  • Bo'sun and Assistant HarborMaster Marty is a one-man Ashley's Book of Knots at the Whaling Museum. Around four bells in the after noon watch tomorrow.
  • Just a month and a half and the days start getting longer.

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