Friday, November 14, 2008


  • The scientist who claimed to have found a "dinosaur dance floor" was recently corrected by paleontologists who explained the 1000 footprints as erosion. Marjorie Chan, a researcher at University of Utah says: "I'm interested in the truth, no matter what the outcome is." In science, the outcome IS the truth, Marjorie. But then again: Utah.
  • On the other hand, Utah is nice enough to baptize people who may have died without the benefit of being part of the Mormon faith. Like Jews who died in the Holocaust, That's so-o-oo thoughtful of the Mormons.
  • Hafdis Huld will save the economy of her native Iceland if she releases her cover of Sam Brown's "Stop" like everywhere. Starting with on her next album. You may remember Hafdis before she became inescapably popular, from the Reyka vodka ads and still delightful site. Those were the days. Kerry from Red Grape Records sent me "Stop." Thanks, Kerry.
  • While I'm at it, no one will mind an ancient wheeze from my yellowing message to Kerry's partner, writer/producer/Renaissanceur Calum MacColl: "I sail traditional boats and sometimes dock at seaside music festivals, sometimes bumping into Calum's uncle Pete Seeger [Peggy's his mum, but I didn't have to tell him that]. Pete’s daughter Mika and her husband Joe live in Tiverton RI, a town I called home. So that would make Calum my half-neighbor-once-removed. I'm surprised we never met."
  • I'll drop a name anywhere. Don't get me going on about the Malvina Reynolds connections.
  • Sam Brown, who worked with Jools Holland, did a duet with the original Marillion's Fish, which is funny because Fish is the name of another band on Red Grape.
  • Remember those holiday hahas you felt when you first laid eyes on the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 take on Pia Zadora's breakthrough performance in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians ? Of course you do. And ao do the folks who made that and now that making fun of movies is universally known as "riffing" they've gone and made it all over again under their Cinematic Titanic aegis. See? Right here.
  • Strangest thing: my machinery played Hafdis' "Stop" and segued into Lili Haydn's "Someday" from her debut. And then into k.d. lang's cover of Julie London's "Don't Smoke In Bed." A really nice set. The songs.
  • And yes, I know that it's a Peggy Lee tune, but c'mon: I don't immediately think "Peggy Lee" about anything.
  • Except maybe paint.
  • Really: what is that white? Peggy Lee White.
  • Oh, and here's the overwrought melodramatic Eighties video of Sam Brown singing the song that Ms. Huld has recorded for a Mercedes ad, which I've found myself humming while replacing the storm windows.

  • Oh, and Pete Seeger and his grandson Tao are performing, part of the ongoing benefit for the Ritz Theater in Newburgh NY.


Chuck said...

Right now "Was Not Was" is praying for someone to find a 'dinosaur dance floor'. It was a night like this, forty million years ago...

ThirdMate said...

...if I'm not mistaken.