Friday, November 21, 2008


  • from BBC News: A teenage student attempting to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world has admitted he is "a little crazy" to do it at his age.
    Michael Perham, 16, from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire is the youngest person to have sailed across the Atlantic alone. He set out on his latest voyage from Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, on his Open 50 Racing Yacht on Saturday morning.
    He will be alone at sea for over four months and his only contact with family will be through satellite link-ups
  • I think he's a little crazy for leaving any place named "Bar." Particularly if circumnavagating alone. A Voyage for Madmen, indeed.
  • At least there'll be something to post on your MyFacePageBookTube, Mike. Actually, Mike's site is TotallyMoney, but while the world is watching him (and you can too, click here or check The Gam every few bells), the NY Times published this article, Teenagers' Internet Socializing Not A Bad Thing." It's anecdotal, a little condescending, and reminds me of the usual story that you read every few years that relates condescending anecdotes about television, telephones, rock'n'roll, smoking, jazz, cell phones, long hair, Socialism, punk rock, piercings, video games, tattoos, comic books, dancing, Republicanism ...
  • However: if spending all of your time online is okay, when do you have time to learn to tie a tie or tuck in your shirt or discreetly hide your gum or pleasantly avoid incarceration?
  • Because of my apparently rare and obscure medical condition (my inability to walk through walls or become invisible at will), my team of nephrological, endocrinological, and opthalmalogic experts suggested that I get a flu shot. A compliant patient am I, so I had some SpongeBob pajama-clad eight-year old at the medical multiplex poke me with a pharmaceutical company-manufactured immune system enhancer to inflict pain upon and immobilize my left arm. So that I couldn't pick up any flus with it.
  • This is the only time I have suffered any negative effects from a "flu shot."
  • Oh, and I do realize that I have just made myself a target of Google™ "flu symptom" searches and we'll show up as a blip or something on the new Google™ Flu Trends site. Which, rather than track actual flu outbreaks, tracks how many people have typed the words "flu" and "symptoms" into their Google™ thing.
  • So, in light of the week's unpleasantnesses:

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