Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's the DHL

Smiles: False Advertising.I live on a former cattle ranch.
All right. It was once a series of huge grazing pastures for milk cows, complete with barns and sheep and dogs and cats and swampers and rusty antiquated equipment that was evocative of a simpler time but very hard to actually identify. Because that's what New England was for a really long time. Eventually, the cows moved to their retirement villas in Naples and the farm became a grape-producing concern with hundreds of acres of vines.
At least I don't have to mow it.
It's probably obvious, what with it being the Twenty-First Century and all, that the vineyard relies upon delivery services now and again for supplies.
And we get deliveries from L.L. Bean, Science City, and Powell's Books.
It's always a pleasure to meet the drivers of the UPS and Federal Express trucks.
They're pleasant and capable of comprehending complex instructions like "Put it in the office" or "Leave it on the stairs." Plus, there's Cheryl, the English dressage rider and bartender who drove for FedEx. And probably modeled.
But the DHL drivers were not that kind of lot.
Seriously. I have watched as these tools peel out and leave divots in our crushed quahog shell/gravel road. I have seen them leave those pre-printed "call us for your stuff" notes that say that "no one was at the address." While I was at the address. I would sometimes see them pull into our large driveway and do nothing. Not even eat lunch.
I can understand appreciating the view-- which is, frankly, spectacular. Verdant vines and extravagant leaves hugging our rustic grapestakes, those cryptic numbers on the endposts, ancient crossarms dripping with foliage and sometimes a tantalizing glimpse of shining bunches of Gew├╝rztraminer . I could see stopping for a moment on your delivery route to catch a breath of the sweet air, to even just imagine the rhythm of a living and productive organism, a family's farm.
I don't take it for granted.
So, it really comes as no surprise and even as a small relief, and it doesn't particularly bother me that they won't be showing up anymore.
I do, however, hope that those guys find better employment in a field that doesn't require whatever it is that was so difficult about being a DHL driver.

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karie said...

One of those suckers peeled out of the driveway, top speed, in their yellow van and nearly pushed me right off the road as I was heading in/home.

Found their yellow note.

Change is coming.