Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your ThirdMate Eyes a Course...

Today, I read in the online version of Fall River's Herald News that New Year's Eve celebrations in Fall River are scuttled because that stinky guy elected by the old ladies who live upstairs from the polling places says he doesn't "have the municipal or CDA resources to be able to do it."
These are the same people who went to Church to pray for that whiz-bang maverick whipsnapper Walnuts McCain and his screwball sidekick Pockets Palin. Bob Correia, similarly, is one of those politicians who not only believes that citizens should not know what their government does, he is, himself, a little unclear on all the details as well. But that's okay, because he is also oblivious to the current "Know About Your Government" fad among younger citizens, so some rules or protocols simply don't appeal or apply to him.
Especially when everyone else is dazzled by his beauty and charm, clear speaking voice, unmistakable conviviality and intimate cordiality. So obvious here:

(And, personally, I'm not fully consigned to anyone who diminutizes his own name in order to make himself "accessible." My name is PJ and my ears are bleeding...)
Where was I? Oh, right: FirstNight FallRiver Fail. The article is a beautiful eulogy, cobbled together out of the fifteen or so stories that should have run in the Herald's onion skin-and-toxic ink pages right after Christmas in order to work the Former Troy into a frenzy of nostalgia remembering its small-town love affair with one night of merriment. I can especially admire any reporter who buries the lede because he can't pass up an inappropriately juvenile banality. "Night-night," indeed.
But here's the thing:
Nearby New Bedford has an unplanned surfeit of First Night celebrations.
Sometime over the Summer in New Bedford, probably between the national favorite SummerFest and the world famous Working Waterfront Festival, somebody decided that AHA! Art·History·Architecture, the downtown business/arts/music/civic extravaganza held every second Thursday and envied and emulated all over New England, should be in charge of the New Year's Eve activities, since AHA!Art·History·Architecture is damned well-practiced and good at every other family-friendly city-promoting thing it steps in, including last year's partnership with FirstNight New Bedford.
And AHA!Art·History·Architecture isn't rife with characters, conflicts of interest, allegations of double-dipping and rumors of nepotism. So, FirstNightNewBedford was ... I don't know... advised that their services were no longer needed ?
But a month ago, FirstNight New Bedford started running press releases in the local paper, looking for volunteers, drumming up partners and sponsors. So, I went to the FNNB website, saw the tremendous list of sponsors who had already signed on, and I couldn't help but think that it was 2003.
Because that was the date on some of the pages.
I always get that FirstNight 2008/FirstNight 2009 thing all muddled because FirstNight 2008 was actually held on the last night of 2007. So who knows?
First Night started in 1976, as a capper to Boston's Bicentennial. Of course, it spread to other local towns and cities when civic leaders got sick of people asking "Didjago ta FirstNight Boston?" and eventually it became a big money-making franchise called First Night International, with dues and initiation fees, and rules and all sorts of complications that you would never dream of as you're driving home slightly buzzed and numb of extremities from your last night of the old year festivities that aren't forcibly non-alcoholic. Go ahead, stumble around their site (although I should mention a trigger warning to PTSD sufferers) and wonder how anyone would want to pay money to license the use of a confusing title that is both complicated and incorrect as well.
So, move the party.
By that, I mean either bring the kids to New Bedford or move the FirstNight over to Fall River. There's a highway, you know.

(shamrock and Tom Paine at Fall River-tastic have more)


LouCap said...

Wow, I've been away from New england too long. Who knew that something as simple as celebrating a new (and hopefully better) year could be so rife with controversy!

It's nice to see the third mate is still at the rail!

ThirdMate said...

Of course, as I recall the waters down your way, the controversy was usually over how much nudity or drunkenness.

Welcome back aboard, you freebootin' old ParrotHead! Cheers to the rest of the crew. (Oh, and those are some fun geegaws you get to play around with. Teevee still works, eh?)