Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Adam

The Christmas Adam Legend goes something like this:
A not so very long time ago, in the magical Kingdom of Chelsea (or possibly, Lynn), a young Princess, spying the great number of wrapped presents under the family Christmas Tree, was overcome with desire and curiosity and begged her Father if she could "please oh please just unwrap and open just one."
Her Father demurred for a moment. Since she knew her Father's warm and giving personality, she pressed:
"But Father, you let us open one on Christmas Eve. Every year! Why can't we open just one on the night before Christmas Eve?"
"But," her Father replied, "we open one on Christmas Eve because ... it's ... Christmas Eve. The night before Christmas Eve is ... just the Twenty-third of December."
She thought for what seemed to her like a very long time. But, since she was an exceptionally perspicacious child, in what was actually just a moment, she blurted out: "It's Christmas Adam! Because Adam came before Eve!"
... And that is why, every Twenty-Third of December, the crew of H.M.S. Impossible shares Tom Waits' live reading of "A Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis."

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