Monday, December 15, 2008

Her Name is "Nogg" and we can't change it because she answers to it

CAUTION: Tail is WAY larger in real life(She's quick; this is the only picture which doesn't show her as a black and white blur.)
I wish that I could say that I am clever and that her name comes from a novel written by Rudy Wurlitzer, who wrote a screenplay titled Zebulon, which (according to one source, Wikipedia) was the basis for one of my favorite Jim Jarmusch movies, Dead Man (with Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer).
But no.
Economic uncertainty has hit the SouthCoast Humane Society in a surprising way. Financially, they're succeeding -- they made $30,000 at their last fundraiser -- but SouthCoast families have lost their homes around here in the Great Magic Capitalism TrickleDown Foreclosure Scheme, and some people have had to put up their cats for adoption. And dogs. And rabbits.
At least they don't just leave them out on street.
Well, actually, I am assured that happens a lot. People seem to have stopped thoughtlessly dropping their discarded pets out here on old dairy farms in "the country." A majority of the cats and dogs that I've seen at the SouthCoast Shelter are animals that were left in their neighborhood, while their owners look for cheaper housing. Housing that usually doesn't allow pesky nuisances like small mammals. Like pets.
Nogg's page (I'll have to check if she has a MySpace. I'm on Facebook these days. Much less porn.) is a well-intentioned bit of marketing which might give one pause if one didn't know that "UTD" means "up-to-date" and not "urinary tract disorder."
So Nogg was an abandoned kitten who was at the shelter last year at this time, with her brother, Egg. (Yes, Egg and Nogg. Not my fault.) They were both adopted, but Nogg's owners encountered landlordus interruptus, and she's sat in a box since August with about 100 other cats waiting for empty laps, lonely kids, thoughtful adults, happy homes, even big yards.
She's the new habitant here at stately Goon Manor, as of Saturday.
Since everything seems to be expressed in economic terms these days (I blame CNBC), let's try this: If everyone spayed or neutered their pets, there wouldn't be this surfeit of domesticated animals in cages. Less product, more value on that product, prices reflect the value of the product and weed out the casual buyers. Smarter consumers educate themselves about the product and think before grabbing some Rottweiler for their three-year-old the day before Christmas.
Until the day when some jerk stops breeding "pitbulls" and treating them horrifically, we can do what we can to help out those shelters. Pick up a box of cat or dog food or a toy or pack of treats at the market and drop it off at the local shelter.
Tell them "Happy Christmas" and quietly wish that they didn't have to be there.


karie said...

Every bit anyone can do makes a difference! I worry about those "let's give the kids a pet" for a gift, folks. Pet mammals are really NOT great gifts. Fortunately, the adoption and vet fees may help stem some of that at the Humane Society at Holiday time. One can only hope for higher spay & nueter rates. Lord knows, Bob Barker has been telling people who are watching his game shows for long enough now. You would think it would have sunk in a little better given how much teevee our nation watches. Anyhow, give kindly to your local shelter if you can.

bigsam27 said...

Hmmmm... I read the byline real quick and though it said Her Name Is Noog. So, of course, I immediately thought of Noogie aka The Noog Man. So... um, yeah, I guess Nogg isn't that bad after all. Congrats on your new family addition. Gotta love a tuxedo cat - they're always well-dressed for any occasion.

ThirdMate said...

"Well-dressed" but often accused of "putting on airs" around here.

Oddly enough, I was thinking about Miami Vice because I re-opened my FaceBook account and was thinking about people who might find me, and an ex who was a nutty MV fan came to mind. So far, so good.

Andrew Weiss said...

Congrats on the new addition to the crew! She's a real cutie!

We have a trio of tuxedos (including my faithful sidekick Jem) sharing space with us on the House on the Hillside.

Nogg couldn't have asked for better human companions.

ThirdMate said...

Well, she could have asked for you and Maura.

Anonymous said...

Hi P.J.

Love the pic of my great niece She's absolutely adorable. Love her. Congrats to you and Karie. Nogg couldn't have jumped aboard a better ship. give her a kiss from her great auntie

ThirdMate said...

And she and I and Karie send back a huge hug to you. Welcome aboard!