Monday, December 8, 2008

I Got Called On!

The impassioned -- if uninformed -- call to ACTION!!1! is here.
Everybody's doing it! Hopping on the bandwagon and slappin' the hatin' on Southcoast Hospital Group.

And who cares? Well, Michael Brimbau cares. I care.Hey, Lefty, do you care? Hey, HMSImpossible, do you care?Hey, Fall River Community, do you care? Hey, Fall River-tastic, do you care? Hey, Keri Rodrigues, do you care? Hey, other Fall River bloggers, do you care? Calling all activists! Speak up. If not now, when? If not here, where? If not this, what?
If you are a reader -- or even casual observer -- of this journal, you know of my commitment to history. It might show in the books in my library or even in the funny lettering, old boat, and funny outfit. You might also know that employees of that "criminal" evil bulldozing steamroller of Darth Vadery badness are friends of mine and have saved my life on a number of occasions.
(Just because I'm immortal doesn't mean I can't be maimed.)
The person who devised the above "Hey, blogwriterorblogsnameguywhoseblogIpickedfromsomebody'sablogrollIfound, DO YOU CARE ?!!1!" appeal, is obviously utterly unfamiliar with H.M.S. Impossible and my intents herein.
A brief review: This is the journal I leave open on the galley table as I try to navigate my way through life on The Beach (feel free to leave your comments in the et cetera...) Although I comment on Fall River issues which interest me, I am not a "Fall River blogger." I am, in fact, not a "blogger" at all, even though I use services called "Blogger." H.M.S. Impossible is my online journal and I make no pretense to news journalism or community activism. I welcome others to join me in my musings as long as they respect that I may have some odd takes on current events.
Because I have odd takes on historic events.
Because I am usually within just a few delusional moments of believing that I was there.
Like anyone else with ties to Fall River (I was born there, at Saint Anne's, in a ward that's now a parking lot), I can appreciate the Lizzie Borden story. Friends of mine have made a living by researching, writing about, and telling that story. I feel, however, that she is a very small, morbid part of Fall River's rich history. A history that cannot be adequately told with gory parlor scenes, models of the Titanic, or even movie props of Tahitian mutinies.
I have worked in museums, archives, collections and conservation, and also with New Bedford's Historical Society, Preservation Society, the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Waterfront Historic Area League (W.H.A.L.E.) and -- most recently -- O.R.P.H. Inc.; protecting and defending history is a natural calling which I follow in my work, my volunteering, and my charitable giving. I sail historic ships, some that don't have motors, for crissakes.
Fall River will never be the city of those "Edwardian postcards" nostalgiacs so excessively desire. And not just because the Borden story is Victorian. (More accurately, Harrisonian) It will just never again be August 4, 1892.
But some of the significant locations, some of those scenes, can be preserved and conserved and protected. It takes some effort among agencies, organizations, and people. Declare a historic district or heritage preservation area. Get it recognized federally and officially. Work with developers and existing business and property owners. See how other cities have handled such issues.
Visit the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. See what can happen when private business and industry and governmental agencies work together. (And no costumed interpreters, either.)
But here we are again, with Fall River constantly reinventing the wheel. Because, in its arrogance and inertia, Fall River will not listen to the outside world. And, since I worked in your weak-minded and weak-willed media, I know that you will not promote yourself because, for all of the bluster and amateurish noise, your upbringing tells you that promotion is bragging and bragging means pride, which is a sin.
And God wouldn't like you anymore.
Dear noob: My answer to your question, which is clearly part of some ill-advised effort at self-interest-conflicted property-value protection and self-promotion, is :


bigsam27 said...

long live Creating Rem Lezar!

ThirdMate said...

Surprisingly, a much more satisfying work than Indicting Rem Lazar.

ThirdMate said...

Driving Rem Lazar

Educating Rem Lazar

Chasing Rem Lazar

Saving Rem Lazar

Boxing Rem Lazar

Deconstructing Rem Lazar

Waiting for Rem Lazar...

bigsam27 said...

"Saving Rem Lazar"

On a somewhat related note:

"Saving Corporal Miller"

Karie said...


I had to follow an ambulance to that hospital in my vehicle, when my beloved was critically ill.

And when I arived, when I got to Charlton/SouthCoast Hospitals Group, I could NOT find a freakin' parking place.

For crying out loud! How much time was wasted driving around, block after block when he could have died?!!


There are hundreds of thousands of houses in which millions of "historically significant" events took place.

Let go!
Get a life.

Parking for the cardiac patients, the gun shot and stabbing wound victims, the prenatal delivery patients and family members of ALL OF THE ABOVE and more matter A WHOLE LOT more than some ghost of a sister of some 100+ year old "SAD-ASS story."

Find another hobby.

Get the hell out of the way!

ThirdMate said...

Karie: I think you meant "SORRY-ASS story." I am, however, heartened that the ghosthunter economy continues to benefit from Lizzie. And some genuinely sweet people (*coff*Sue*coff*).

Seems a shame that a Southcoast Hospitals vascular surgeon, who invented the "Diamondback 360™ Orbital Atherectomy System, a minimally invasive treatment for the removal of severe blockages in the legs and feet caused by atherosclerosis" (full story here)," isn't nearly as important as some loony who was maximally invasive on her own parents' skulls. Funny town.

And it appears that Ms. DoYouCare?!?!? makes a living off the tale, since groups and individuals are willing to pay $1500 an appearance. At 3-4 shows a week, even giving herself a couple months off, she's well within John McCain's definition of wealthy. But what do they say? "Love your work, the money will follow."

And according to this ludicrously-detailed article, she says she's "not obsessed." So there's that.