Friday, December 5, 2008


  • James over at Aces Full of Links has an ongoing feature called "This Song Must Die," during which he gives his readers the opportunity to play Decider and trash some pop annoyance.
  • Yesterday, he administered an auxiliary caper yclept This Video Must Die. (He also talks up new William Street bar Hibernia and continues to gush about Pour Farm. Since my kidneys don't process phosphorus like mere mortals' do, I have to avoid beer, dairy products, wheat, seeds, MSG, and colas. Really, look at the National Kidney Foundation site. A lot of what James discusses would put me back on dialysis. And he's got great recipes.)
  • So anyway... Oh, yeah, This Video Must Die. It was between forgettable Nineties speed metal/chick hair band I Wish You Were a Beer and Romeo Void's "Never Say Never." You already know my frustrations over the beer issue. Chick metal, well, as a society, we've grown past that, haven't we?
  • I'm old enough to have both danced to (and with) Romeo Void's Debora Iyall, so I recuse myself from the discussion. Although I have to live with the memories.
  • I would, however, suggest that anyone who frequents the Purchase Street-Middle- William Street Economic Prosperity Zone should stop by at Isaiah's for the jag.
  • Last century, I had a little volunteer gig (wait. it wasn't volunteer work? IT SURE PAID LIKE IT!) at a little wireless station in Fall River, and part of my joke of a job was dubbing station "Comments" done by a neat character named Ray Cheney.
  • I would put his "Comment" onto a cart and affix a label so that the host who was scheduled to play it would know that it was Ray's "Comment" and not one of the non-existant commercials that nobody ever played or the promotional announcements that were played constantly to cover up some technical gaffe.
  • Ray's "Comments" were pithy, well-crafted, one- to three-minute ruminations featuring any topic Ray found worth electronically elucidating upon. Which he did in that amazing Nineteen-Forties radio newscaster monotone of his.
  • And I typed subtitles that may or may not have given folk any idea what Ray was talking about, because I was bored and it was a very rare occasion that anyone even looked at the things. If Ray talked about politics, I would type "Demoplicans vs Republicrats" or something. On holidays, I would type "A Very Cheney Christmas/Thanksgiving/ArborDay." If Ray talked about local events, I would type "FawRivvah Luvs RAY" or something. Sometimes I would just type "Ray Cheney Has A Posse 5'4" 160lb."
  • Nobody got that either.
  • I liked Ray. He came in once a week and recorded his own reel of "Comment" and we would chat pleasantly about pleasant things, like his dog or my tie. As far as I could tell, he never got any indication or instruction from the owners of the station about what he should "Comment" upon. And he just kept right on being Ray, talking about tires and Reagan and Mayor Viveiros and camping in Maine.
  • Only once did anyone ever comment about my labels. It was Ray. "Who wrote that about the 'Republicrats'? That was pretty smart," he said. And I was aware that he meant "smart" as both the "smarty-pants" usage and that he was pleased that I had grasped what he had written.
  • Which is why I don't get the guy (The Wrong Bernie) who gives the station editorials at the local station now. I know him, in fact, I've known him since high school when I interviewed for a Summer internship at the Providence Journal. But I don't get him. Except that he seems a bit of a prat.
  • On the other hand, Paul Benedict was Guffman, the Jefferson's neighbor, and the painter on Sesame Street. He went to Suffolk University and started working in theater in Boston, his hometown. He died on Martha's Vineyard this week. Now, him, I get. Benedict


LouCap said...

Ahhh...Peej and Romeo Void. Those were the days mate, although back then I recall there being quite a bit of beer. I suspect it was mostly on my part. You were the single blend malt guy I believe...

Already I miss Paul Benedict...

ThirdMate said...

You remember that night?
I deleted like fifteen lines about WPI or Clark or wherever that was because it was all blurry and Warholesque.
Debora's married now.
I lost touch since I deleted my MySpace profile.

karie said...

Pual Benedict.

So sorry to say goodbye.
As a rather small child you made me smile, and gave me an odd sense of comfort (Jeffersons) in the face of racism.

A life done well; with grace and comedy.

bon voyage, "monsieur."

Dr. Momentum said...

Sorry to see Benedict go. Loved him in Spinal Tap.

Dr. Momentum said...

Oh, and I have to add, quoting Firesign Theatre: "There's a seeker born every minute."

Dr. Momentum said...

Also: Thanks for the links. Your recommendation proved helpful when we found No Problemo closed. There was no question where we were headed, thanks to you.

ThirdMate said...

"Don't feel alone here in the New Age, seeker!"