Friday, December 12, 2008


  • Another favorite actress among the crew is getting ready to rock the Chekhov: Maggie Gyllenhall (crawling after whom on shards of glass I would find to be a pleasant diversion, how does that go?) will be Yelena in Uncle Vanya, previewing at Classic Stage Company starting January 17. I'm just waiting for my Gowanus mooring to open up, and then...
  • Speaking of moorings, remember how I was all like "LNG will ruin marinas and boats and businesses all up and down Narragansett Bay becasue of supertankers and dredging and junk"? Bruce Burdett of what we used to call The Sakonnet Times, says:
    SAKONNET AREA — Efforts to ship liquefied natural gas up the bay to Fall River were dealt a setback this week when Massachusetts ruled that changes to the plan require that a new environmental impact report be prepared. That could add many months to the process.
  • According to a recent British study, "Nearly half of all men and one-third of women have lied about what they have read to try to impress friends or potential partners." Besides the fact that I can only remember whatever I've read in random bursts of disjointed quotes and rambling plot synopses, it has yet to be proven to me that anybofy would ever be impressed by my collection of Lester Dent's Doc Savage pulp novellas and books about paper and textile preservation and conservation.
  • In various climates.
  • Tonight is the Long Nights Moon, if you appreciate the native naming of Full Moons. Means that very soon, the nights won't be so long. Just cold and empty. But don't worry, you can enjoy Saint Lucy's Day, tomorrow, when a young woman sets her hair ablaze with candles attached to her head and brings you coffee.
  • FIRST NIGHT NEW BEDFORD is a dead-willed, mistake-ridden, anachronistic loserfest, and New Bedford City Council-thing Jane Gonsalves is using it to take a poorly-timed, calculated, cynical political swipe at Mayor Scott Lang. Understandably, she isn't too successful at swiping, what with being painfully obvious and all, but she is successful at having no clue as to what "creative economy" means. Just like the three sock puppets who contribute to newspaper comments and radio talk shows. The ones who have no idea what a non-profit is.
  • AHA! is the much-admired organization (invented in New Bedford for New Bedford and emulated throughout Massachusetts) that organizes about 50 SouthCoast cultural organizations, commercial and non-profit business partners, many of whom are young entrepreneurs; AHA! was asked by the Mayor to create something that would replace the tired and expensive First Night problemfest, which appeared, at the time, to have folded.
  • City Celebrates! is an evening of free New Year's Eve events for everyone, designed to end early in the night to accomodate families and private parties.
  • First Night buttons used to cost ten bucks and ends after midnight, outdoors, with a traffic jam.
  • City Celebrates! and AHA! could have worked along with the former First Night crew if they weren't a bunch of selfish, sneaky buffoons, encouraged by a city council that had already cut AHA!'s funding in half (it wasn't actually "funding:" it was a grant that would have allowed AHA! to get another grant -- not from the City) but because the City Council (except for Deb Coelho) has never been downtown on the second Thursday of EVERY MONTH to be entertained and served FOR FREE by the young entrepreneurs who are the creative economy that is saving New Bedford. (AHA! is still thriving, carefully-budgeted, not hamstrung by the Council, which obviously has trouble with budgets.)
  • So, essentially two weeks before New Year's Eve, the Standard-Times is praising the twits who think that serving the citizens of New Bedford involves spending a registration fee to some out-of-town, cult-like, one-trick logo act in order to be lazy and give out city checks to hacks. But, quoteth Joe Cohen, who must have been biting his tongue throughout the interview: "'There needed to be more adult-centric events' that went later into the night, such as the concert at the "Z," Ms. Gonsalves said. 'We want to encourage the creative economy, which involves younger adults.'
  • Right, because the guys who work at No Problemo playing Nina Simone and Modest Mouse will be sitting in the Zeiterion Theatre listening to a Tran-Siberian Orchestra COVER BAND.
  • Dumb as a burlap sack full of jag.
  • I apologize for the salty spree there. I'm mourning the passing of the great Bettie Page. Anger, denial... how does that go again?
  • I screwed up. The Seagull (featuring Our Handsome Cabin Boy, Carey Mulligan) is closing on December 21. For anybody who, like me, was waiting for a matinee in February.
  • Since Chanukah seems to be running late this year (something about consolidating and coordinating retailers' after-holiday sales. Or moon cycles.), here's a little hold-you-over from the Vital Theatre's extended production of The Klezmer Nutcracker, running tomorrow through January 3rd. 20 bucks, bring the kids. "2162 Broadway, 4th Floor, at 76th Street, on the Upper West Side." That's the way they talk in New York The City.

The welcoming and joyful nature of klezmer be with you all this holiday season.

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steve said...

Say, what has happened to the Sakonnet Times? The old website is gone. How about the paper product itself? It would be a pity to learn of its passing. I recall with nostalgia tramping along Evans Avenue, delivering the town's weekly newspaper in the years before the sprouting of the McMansions. Handing back a nickel to the old folks who paid with a quarter for the 20-cent newspaper (modest budgets along Evans Avenue for more than a few residents), savoring the scent of fava beans wafting from this kitchen and that, and such...